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SANTIAGO, CHILE - SEPTEMBER 04: Demonstrators against a new left-wing constitution celebrate after the results of the referendumJonnathan Oyarzun / Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) – On Sunday voters in Chile rejected a proposed new Constitution that would have enshrined in law a host of left-wing demands including the “right” to abortion. A resounding 62 percent of Chileans rejected the drafted Constitution. Voting was mandatory.

The proposed Constitution was “the most horrid expression of legal wokeness ever devised,” Catholic traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli warned on Twitter.

“The New York Times noted that the new Constitution would have legalized abortion, mandated universal government-run healthcare, promoted woke gender initiatives, granted rights to animals and the environment, and would have given them government-provided care ‘from birth to death,’ including a right to housing, education, retirement benefits, internet, free legal advice, sanitation and more,” the Daily Wire summarized.

The proposed Constitution would have replaced the nation’s 41-year-old charter, which many liberal media outlets were eager to note was “imposed by” or had its “roots in” the rule of right-wing dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet. An equal number of male and female delegates, who were elected democratically, drafted the now-rejected Constitution. It would have mandated “gender parity” in “state bodies and public companies,” declared “nature has rights,” and limited where lithium and cooper could be mined. “The text included commitments to fight climate change and protect Chileans’ right to choose their own identity ‘in all its dimensions and manifestations, including sexual characteristics, gender identities and expressions,'” the New York Times noted.