January 10, 2011 ( – Chile’s Constitutional Tribunal, which is the nation’s highest tribunal for constitutional issues, has agreed to decide on a suit alleging that “marriage” between two people of the same sex is a constitutional right.

The suit was brought by three homosexual couples, aided by Chile’s Homosexual Integration and Liberation Movement (MOVILH), who sought to register themselves as “married” in September, and were refused. Two of the couples had already contracted “marriages” in Canada and Argentina respectively.

Rolando Jiménez, president of MOVILH, called the decision to hear the suit “historic.”

“This day we have made a new step towards obtaining a decision from the Constitutional Tribunal regarding homosexual marriage,” he said.  “We hope that the CT, in its final resolution, if it adopts one, will validate the constitutional principal that all of us are equal before the law, without discrimination of any kind.”