SANTIAGO DE CHILE, September 13, 2013 ( – In what the media are calling an historic achievement for the pro-life movement, Chilean legislators approved a law proclaiming March 25 as “Unborn Child and Adoption Day.”

The document reads: “Protecting the life of the child that is yet to be born is recognizing the right to life of every human being, even against his or her parent’s will. In this way, nobody can decide over the life of another.”


Chile now joins El Salvador, Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, which all celebrate the life on the unborn on that date under names like “Day for Life” and “Life in the Womb Day.”

March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation, marks the day in which the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus Christ.

However, Chile is the first country to recognize such a celebration in law.

It took pro-lifers 13 years to reach such an achievement.

Only this past May, when the law had already been approved, the Human Rights Committee introduced a motion to change the name of the celebration to “Pregnant Women and Adoption Day.” Such modification was said to be inadmissible by the President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Senator Jaime Orpis, who first introduced the law in the Chilean Senate, said the idea of protecting the life of the unborn should be a priority in all societies, as “we are beholding a being that is entirely defenseless.”

Chile does not allow abortion under any circumstance, and polls show that most Chileans agree with the law.

The country also boasts the lowest maternal mortality rate in Latin America.