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Chilean presidential candidate plans to enact abortion and redefine marriage ‘little by little’

Sofia Vazquez-Mellado

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, August 30, 2013 ( – Chilean ex-president Michelle Bachelet, now presidential candidate for Nueva Mayoría (New Mayority), has declared in a recent interview that if elected she plans to follow her agenda on “homosexual or ‘egalitarian marriage’ and gay adoption” – a policy she plans to enact “little by little.”

“In a modern, democratic country, one aspires to find equal treatment for everyone, for every religion, ethnic group, and for sexually diverse people too,” she said. “Why then, if marriage is an expression of love, shouldn’t we suggest this possibility?”

“The first thing to do is to approve the Partnership Life Agreement, because it solves the issue of different sex or same-sex couples that we have today in our legislation," she told Chilevisión.

Chile does have a non-discrimination law but does not recognize unions between same-sex people.

When asked if she would also push gay adoption forward she answered: “We have countries with different experiences: France did both things at the same time. Others have chosen to go little by little according to what their societies are capable of managing.”

During the same interview she also spoke about legalizing abortion saying: “I want to move forward in the decriminalization of ‘therapeutic’ and rape cases abortion.”

“Women…are allowed to think, study, vote and be elected, but when it comes to sexual and reproductive rights, women don’t have the right to choose,” she declared.

Bachelet also referred to Belén, a 13 year-old girl who in the past months made headlines for wanting to keep the baby she was carrying, even though it was conceived in rape.

“I wouldn’t dare to say that a 13 year-old woman – girl – is truly free and informed to make this kind of decision. In the case of rape, one has to think of the possibility of an abortion,” she assured.

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Abortion is forbidden without exception in Chile, which has the lowest maternal mortality rate in Latin America.

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