CHINA, January 20, 2011 ( – By funneling tens of millions of dollars to organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which support China’s brutal One Child Policy, the United States and other Western countries are “accomplices” to “murder on a massive scale,” said the Director of China Aid in an interview this week.

The remarks by Mr. Bob Fu were echoed by the Population Research Institute, an organization that has been instrumental in exposing the human rights violations of the policy, as well as UNFPA’s complicity in it. 

In an interview with ACN News this week, Fu said that the Chinese government carries out “birth control” or the One Child Policy based on the theory that there are limited resources and “the only way to make the existing population achieve economic wealth is to limit the size of the population.”

In general, each family is permitted to have only one child.  When a couple wants to have their first child, Fu explained, they are “required to get a pregnancy permission card – a yellow card before your wife can legally get pregnant.”  If a woman is pregnant without the permission card, she is arrested and forced to have an abortion.

The “massive practice” of forced sterilization and abortion has a huge impact on China.  Last year, said Fu, there was “a report of about 20 million babies, which were aborted … abortion being performed as late as nine months.”

“I, personally, had a phone conversation with a Christian lady … who said that she was in a hospital and was eight months pregnant and beside her on another bed was a lady who was nine months pregnant. That night 80 pregnant women were forced to have an abortion by poison being injected into the fetus. This is murder on a massive scale.“

In addition to the pervasive practice of abortion, Mr. Fu cites the “huge crises of ageing parents” as another major effect of China’s One Child Policy. 

Just last week, China Daily cited a report released by the China National Committee on the Ageing that found that, as of 2009, the number of senior citizens over 60 years of age had reached 167 million, accounting for 12.5 percent of the country’s total population.

In response to the crisis, the Chinese government recently issued revised legislation that could potentially permit aging Chinese parents to sue their children for not paying them enough attention. 

China Daily reported that the Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly requires that children not ignore their parents, and that those who are responsible for financially supporting elderly relatives visit them frequently, or at least keep in regular contact.

“All of their family issues that they’re having are in some way connected to the One Child Policy,” said Colin Mason, Director for Media Production at the Population Research Institute, in an interview with

In the ACN interview, Fu had pointed out, “One couple now has to support two pairs of parents because of this One Child Policy.”

China’s rapid industrialization has drawn many younger people to the cities, Mason said, in search of jobs that “promise a lot, but deliver little” to support their families and aging parents.  “It’s very difficult for these people that move into the cities to get back to visit their families. They just don’t make enough money and they are kept in horrible conditions in the factories. They are trapped in these jobs. That is really the culprit in this case.”

Both Fu and Mason agree that it is time for western countries to acknowledge that they are, in large part, causing the crisis.

“It is high time for us in this country to take this situation seriously. [In] our involvement in the Chinese economy, we need to carry more responsibility, we need to realize how much damage it’s causing to families and to human dignity,” said Mason.

Fu attests to the fact that a significant portion of the funding for abortions in China comes from international organizations, including The United Nations Population Fund.

“The U.S.,” said Fu, ”provides funding and 40 million dollars goes to China to assist in carrying out this One Child Policy. So, unfortunately, the Western countries are accomplices to this policy.“

“It’s really time for us to get past our apathy about it as an American people, and really start to take that seriously.  These abuses with the One Child Policy and the factories are really going on in real life … These are actually really happening! My message is always to the American people: get over the apathy and do something. We have to hold our own government and the Chinese government accountable for these things,” said Mason.

To view Mr. Bob Fu’s entire interview click here.