BEIJING, December 4, 2003 ( – Abortion is now available to pregnant girls anonymously in China’s capital city, Beijing. Five other state cities in China have already set up similar so-called rescue centres for pregnant girls, making Beijing the sixth. The news release from also reports that doctors are visiting schools to counsel children on contraceptive use and to publicize their abortion hot-line number.

Many parents expressed concern over the lost innocence of their children, “But youngsters know much more about sex than just the basic biology, and parents should not try to shun reality”, rebuffed Zong Chunshan, director of the Beijing Legal and Psychological Consulting Centre for Minors, on Wednesday. China has long been influenced by International Planned Parenthood and been given awards by that organization for its de-population program.  Worldwide, 4.4 million childhood pregnancies end in abortion each year.  Read more on the issue at: