BEIJING, Oct 14 (LSN) – At a population conference in Beijing, China unveiled a new device for expediting the crime of abortion. A mobile abortion clinic was presented with pride, complete with bed, body clamp and suction pumps. China plans to send 600 such white vans around the country to kill their children. At the conference, with some 1,400 delegates from around the world, Western experts reported that China commonly used coercion to force mothers to abort their children. Yves Blayo, a French researcher at the Institut National D’Etudes Demographiques, said that family planning officials scoured neighbourhoods to find pregnant women. “If someone is pregnant but has no permit she would be put into a truck and dragged into a hospital to have an abortion,’’ he said in an interview. Chinese government officials denied the forced abortions, going so far as to posit, “The government criticizes people who give women coercive abortion’‘. (Zheng Xiaoying of Beijing University’s Institute of Population Research)