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NEW YORK CITY, December 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — China had a motive and the influence to steal the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, a pro-democracy Chinese-American media group asserts.

The Epoch Times has released a six-part, 1.5-hour-long investigative documentary called Who’s Stealing America? In the fast-paced, jaw-dropping report, journalist Joshua Philipp investigates allegations of election fraud, media bias, election machine hacking, and the relationship of Dominion Voting Systems to a China-controlled securities firm. He then looks into claims made by leading Chinese professor that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been infiltrating the American elite for almost thirty years, delves into the Biden family’s business affairs in China, and highlights the role of pro-CCP operators in November’s elections.

The Epoch Times is one of China’s few and fiercest critics among the American media. It makes no secret of its mistrust of the country’s communist regime; in the first few minutes of the documentary, reporter Philipp refers to COVID-19 as “the CCP virus.” However, he (and scriptwriters Katherine Hu and Jingyang Tang) put aside China for the first half of the report to concentrate on what happened late in the night of November 3 and early in the morning of November 4.

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PETITION UPDATE (1/15/2021) -

The events of the past month, and especially the past 10 days, have shaken the faith Americans have in their elected and appoint officials.

We continue to call for investigations to be made into allegations of election fraud. Texas is in the process of prosecuting one political operative for illegal ballot harvesting, and multiple state legislatures have called for investigations, too.

However, the judiciary has severely let down the American electorate.

As we have said all along, the integrity of the election is much bigger than President Trump. Election integrity is at the heart of republican democracy, and if we don't have it, we no longer have a functioning republic.

Therefore, we continue to seek the truth for the election outcome. Perhaps that will only be known in the future when state or federal commissions are established to investigate the instances of election fraud which were witnessed and sworn to, by thousands of Americans of all political persuasions.

In the meantime, you may still sign this petition. Thank you!



On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted: "We will be INTERVENING in the Texas (plus many other states) case. This is the big one. Our Country needs a victory!"

He is referring to the lawsuit which the state of Texas has filed against Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia in the Supreme Court over changes those states made to their election rules, claiming they violated the U.S. Constitution in the process.

Here is the central part of the argument: if Texas were to allow possible voter fraud to go unchecked in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia, it would be akin to committing fraud upon the people of Texas, who cast their ballots within the framework of the law.

Indeed, this would apply equally to all citizens who voted within the framework of the law across the United States!

President Trump also tweeted that this case is, "very strong...ALL CRITERIA MET."

Please continue to SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition, now.


PETITION UPDATE (12/7/20) - Since this petition was launched, President Trump's legal team, as well as other concerned citizens, have discovered what appears to be irrefutable evidence of voter fraud in several of the key battleground states, and have initiated legal challenges in six states.

While the situation continues to evolve, this remains a hugely important petition which we encourage you to SIGN and SHARE.

Below, please WATCH and READ about the mounting evidence of voter fraud and how the mainstream media seem determined to ignore even the most egregious instances of vote tampering. Then, please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

'Trump: ‘Our election system is now under assault and siege’ and as president I must defend it'

'Tens of thousands 2020 election votes illegally scanned in Detroit, says Dominion IT contractor'

'Trump campaign files lawsuit demanding ‘a new statewide election for president’ in Georgia'

'Experts flag over 500k ballots in PA with new evidence of major 2020 election voter fraud'

''Smoking gun'? Pennsylvania vote fraud hearing gets gasps from audience'

'FBI and Justice Department have dragged their feet investigating 2020 vote fraud'

''CNN top brass in leaked tape: We won't give Trump 'too much of a platform on his not conceding'

'Twitter censored Trump 63 times over Thanksgiving holiday, Biden untouched'

LifeSite supports President Trump with this petition because we believe he is trying to defend the Constitution, ensuring that electoral fraud does not taint the result of the 2020 general election.

But, since starting this petition, we have launched a separate petition related to the disputed election outcome, calling on the Department of Justice to 'do their job' and engage in meaningful investigations of the mounting evidence of voter fraud.

We believe that conducting forensic audits of ballots and voting machines, as well as issuing subpoenas to collect more evidence, would be a good start.

Thankfully, some of the state started to demand investigations independent of federal agencies. But we still believe that the DoJ needs to use its enormous fact-finding resources to help resolve allegations of election fraud.

Thank you for continuing to SIGN and SHARE all our election-related petitions.


Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition which calls on all Americans to Stand With President Trump as he uses every legitimate means to find out if voter fraud played any role in the election outcome.

Amid allegations of voter fraud, and at a time when the situation with COVID has been used by many of the states to facilitate the use of mail-in ballots on a massive scale, we need to be very careful in dismissing the possibility of voter fraud.

The fact is, the possibility of wide-spread fraud with mail-in ballots is significant.

But, this is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden! This about whether or not the sanctity of the ballot box has been tampered with!

Please Stand With President Trump as he attempts to defend the integrity of this election, as well as well as the right to vote itself!

Indeed, this is so important, not so much because one election hangs in the balance, but because our democracy, itself, hangs in the balance.

Americans not only have a right to know, but should demand that every legitimate means be used to discover the truth about these elections!

Please SIGN this petition and Stand With President Trump to ensure that these elections were conducted freely and fairly!

While most all Americans believe in playing by the rules, we also know that some very devious, politically-motivated operatives have been trying to harm the Trump administration from before he even took the oath of office.

This fact should lead us to question how some allegations of voter fraud can be so easily dismissed by state election authorities.

We demand to know the truth, and, for the sake of our democracy, we demand that President Trump keep fighting to learn the truth.

Thank you for SIGNING and SHARING this petition today!

**Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead / White House / Flickr

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Part 1, “Who’s Stealing America?,” carefully lays out the strange events of Election Night. By midnight, Trump and Biden had won their “expected strongholds,” Philipp narrates. But then Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia — all swing states with Trump leads — suspended their vote counts, “almost simultaneously,” the Epoch Times reported.

At 12:49, the president tweeted that “they are trying to steal the election.” Between 4 A.M. and 6 A.M., counting resumed in Wisconsin and Michigan, and there was a “spike in votes” for both states, numbering over 100 thousand, mostly for Biden. Philipp examines both these “abnormalities” in detail. He also highlights other election anomalies, including how Biden votes in swing states bizarrely outstripped the number of votes for their Democrat senatorial candidates. In Michigan, for example, Biden got 69,093 more votes than senatorial candidate Gary Peters.

In Part 2, Philipp interviews witnesses to Election Night ballot fraud, contrasting their testimony with false or biased reportage from the mainstream media. He also interviews data analyst Matt Braynard, who looked at electoral anomalies in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada. Braynard says he has discovered anomalies in at least 1.2 million votes. Some “voters” had listed a postage facility as their address, disguising a P.O. box as an apartment number. There were also false requests for absentee ballots. Philipp reported that 138,221 people had moved out of Georgia by Election Day but still voted (whether they knew it or not) as Georgia residents by mail-in ballots. This happened in a lesser scale in Wisconsin and Arizona, Philipp reported.

Based on the data, Braynard thinks the election could be flipped in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Part 3 investigates the role Dominion Voting Systems, used in 28 U.S. states and Puerto Rico, may have played in voter fraud. Here the Epoch Times underscores the MSM’s skepticism about the security of Dominion’s machines before the election. Philipp cites and interviews cyber-security experts who are confident that voting machines can be hacked. He then examines the strange half-minute on Election Night when a livestreamed vote-ticker suddenly took exactly 19,958 votes from Trump’s tally and gave them to Biden.

“Who had access to that [Dominion] equipment?” Philipp asks. “What changes could they have made right before the election?”

The story about Dominion Voting Systems gets even darker in Part 4, when the Epoch Times presents its investigation into the firm’s parent company, Stable Street Capital.

“A month before the 2020 election, the parent company of Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million in funding,” Philipp reports.

Stable Street Capital, which bought Dominion in July 2018, received the funding from UBS Securities, LLC, a company with strong links to China. UBS had already given Stable Street Capital $200 million in December 2014. And after the November 3 election, both Dominion and UBS Beijing made abrupt changes: Dominion deleted information about its board, its CEO canceled his appearance before a PA House of Representatives hearing, its security director went missing, and its Toronto HQ closed down. On November 30, UBS Beijing’s board of directors replaced 11 of its 14 members.

The Epoch Times does not believe this was a coincidence.

The report digs deep into the relationship between the securities firms UBS New York and UBS Beijing, stating that three of the former’s four board members are Chinese nationals who have had leadership roles at the latter. UBS Beijing was founded under the “personal supervision” of Wang Qishan, now the vice president of the People’s Republic of China. UBS is still controlled by the CCP and Chinese nationals today, Philipp reports.

Part 5, entitled “The Subversion of America”, begins with Tucker Carlson’s December 7, 2020 story exposing a Chinese professor’s smug lecture about the CCP’s infiltration of the American elite. In the video, Di Dongsheng brags that China has “people high above” in the USA, and that between 1992 and 2016, China “manipulated the core power circle in the U.S.” Trump’s election made things difficult for China, but “now we see Biden come to power,” the lecturer enthused.

The video footage serves as a springboard for the Epoch Times to make its central argument that China is engaging in “unrestricted warfare against the USA”: biological (“the CPP virus”), drug (the fentanyl crisis), public opinion, digital, and political. The media group describes Joe Biden as a “CCP proxy.” Interviewee Rick Fisher, senior fellow of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, tells Philipp that China “ultimately wants to become the global hegemon” and the globe’s “center of political, strategic and economic decision-making.” Ultimately, the CCP wants a world in which it can never be challenged in China, Fisher said.

“Cyber warfare assists all of these goals,” he added, “and the manipulation of elections, if possible, is certainly an option that the Chinese Communist Party would want to exercise … to make the world safe for its dictatorship.”

The Epoch Times also suggests that China is behind BLM and Antifa violence, as well as social media bias and censoring of election fraud allegations. It alleges that the anti-Trump “Seed the Vote” organization is a front for the pro-CPP Chinese Progressive Association before examining the Biden family’s business dealings in China during and after the Obama administration.

Part 6 serves as the Epoch Times’ trumpet call to the American voters to take a stand against the election fraud they allege Biden and the CCP have perpetrated against America. The Epoch Times’ Trevor Loudon says on camera that the USA is living through a communist revolution and warns that the goal of socialists in the USA is “complete tyranny.” The report concludes that the USA is now in a “battle between traditional values and communism” and “between good and evil.”

“We are not fighting for Trump,” Philipp says. “We are fighting for our future and the future of America’s freedom.”

China expert Steven Mosher told LifeSiteNews that Dominion Voting Systems did indeed switch votes and that the Epoch Times is “one of the few news agencies” reporting fairly on the election.

“On the night of November 3rd, Donald Trump was watching in real time as the Dominion Voting Systems were switching votes. That’s why he came out at 2 a.m. that night and denounced voter fraud, and announced that he would be taking his case to the Supreme Court,” Mosher said by email today.

“The Epoch Times is one of the few news agencies, aside from LifeSite News, that has been honestly covering the 2020 presidential election, which marks a watershed in American history.  If we do not reverse the cheating, and put in place measures to prevent it from ever happening again, our republic may well be lost,” he continued.

“As their new documentary shows, Dominion Voting Systems played a key role in manipulating the vote.  A forensic audit of Dominions machines and software in Michigan showed that ‘the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.’”

Mosher also stated that “foreign actors, chiefly China” helped to undermine the election.

“More will come out about this in the coming days,” he promised.