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April 8, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – As the coronavirus pandemic spreads, questions are being raised about China’s claim that it hasn’t had any new coronavirus cases for weeks. Evidence is now showing that the death toll being reported by China could be 20 times higher than what the Communist Party is reporting. Is China lying? Why? 

In today’s episode of The Van Maren Show, China expert Steve Mosher joins Jonathon Van Maren to discuss China’s history of lying to its people and the world and why he is confident that China is doing it again now.

Mosher was the first American social scientist allowed to study in China and now runs the Population Research Institute, committed to exposing the myth about overpopulation and the human rights abuses committed in population control programs. 

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Mosher begins with a brief history of China’s lying and its attitude toward the world and human beings. He reminds listeners that the Chinese Communist Party regards human beings as “nothing more than animals.” The Communist Party has killed over 100 million people in China. This is more than the number of people killed in any war, by any other government, and it doesn’t account for the tens of millions of unborn children killed through forced abortion.

About 42 million of those deaths happened during the 1960–1962 famine caused by incompetency at communes. This famine killed more people than any other famine ever. Yet the Communist Party denies that anyone died during those two years.  

If the Chinese communists are willing to lie about the deaths of 42 million Chinese by famine, why wouldn’t they lie about the death toll caused by the Wuhan virus?  

The Chinese government did the same thing with the Tiananmen Square massacre, in which 10,000 people died. The official line of the Communist Party is that no one died that day. 

“There’s a phrase in China that Communist Party officials can lie without blinking,” Mosher tells Van Maren.  

“It’s always politics in China,” Mosher tells Van Maren. In China’s handling of what has now become an international crisis, China’s first priority was its political success. Instead of providing the world with transparency and honest figures, China and the World Health Organization dragged their feet on issuing warnings and disclosing the virus’s spread. 

Mosher estimates that the death toll was 20 times higher than reported by the Chinese based on the crematory chimney activity and funeral urns used during that time.  

Why, then, are people so eager to believe and promote the figures coming out of China? Mosher points to two big reasons: 1) it’s hard to do on-the-ground research in China, and 2) it fits the media’s narrative. 

China has kicked out most all journalists, making verifying Chinese figures difficult. Additionally, the U.S. mainstream media would like to see the coronavirus crisis be the stumbling block that prevents Donald Trump from being re-elected in November. If China’s numbers are correct, it makes the U.S.’s and Europe’s responses to the virus look mismanaged. 

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Despite trying to look like an international hero by shipping personal protective equipment (PPE) to the most impacted nations, China actually stockpiled PPE in February. This included medical supplies, face masks, respirators, and even ventilators. China is now shipping and selling these across the globe and making a hefty profit. 

In addition, China is working to buy up companies at pennies on the dollar while the stock market is down. China recently bought British Steel in its bid to create an international steel monopoly. 

Mosher and Van Maren also discuss the strong grip the Communist Party has on Chinese citizens. The current social credit system in use tracks a person’s every move via his cell phone. The system tracks what one purchases, whom he associates with, what he’s talking about with friends, and so much more. 

Additionally, everyone in China has to have a government-created Chinese study app that teaches Chinese propaganda. Citizens are required to “study” on the app daily or risk losing social credit points. Some physicians were even complaining about how these 30-minute lessons take away from their ability to care for patients during the pandemic. 

The threat of losing social credit points is a serious one, as this score determines interest rates for home and auto loans and can even drop so low that a person is not allowed to get a passport or travel in China, much less outside China.  

How did the Communist Party get so strong?  

Mosher states that the U.S. enabled the rise of China and the current Communist Party by opening up our markets to China, by providing the Chinese with technology, and by providing them with funding. What we thought would provide Chinese citizens with a taste of wealth and lead to the overthrow of the Communist Party in fact only strengthened the party.  

“The rise of China happened because of a fundamental strategic error on the part of the United States of America. We enabled the rise of the country by opening our markets to China and by financing China's rise by transferring technology to China.” 

Finally, Mosher discusses the success of Taiwan in combatting the coronavirus. Mosher credits Taiwan’s success to its being “burned” in the SARS epidemic in 2003. Always on guard against China, Taiwan created a plan for the next disease it knew would eventually come from China. It began stockpiling personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer and outlined a screening plan.  

As soon as the Taiwanese government heard about the first coronavirus case in January, it began screening travelers and taking strict precautions. By shutting down air travel to China and providing hand sanitizer and thermometers to people, Taiwan has been able to keep the number of coronavirus cases down to only a few dozen without having to shut down business or schools.  

Sadly, the World Health Organization, which is effectively run by a puppet of China according to Mosher, refused to pass along Taiwan’s successful protocols to the rest of the world.  

Mosher encourages listeners to read his articles and other news on LifeSiteNews and to visit the Population Research Institute’s website,  

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