BEIJING, January 3, 2003 ( – Chinese artist Zhu Yu has created an exhibit showing himself eating the body parts of a dead baby.  “An artist does not give answers, but possibilities,” Zhu told reporters, referring to photographs of himself washing a dead stillborn baby in a sink and putting its dismembered parts in his mouth. “When facing an issue, we must try to allow people’s debate of an issue to produce a deeper discussion,” Zhu said Thursday. “Only if people did not curse it, did not detest it, would there be something wrong. They are right to scold.”  Zhu, who describes himself as a devout Protestant, said nowhere does the Bible explicitly forbid the consumption of human flesh. Yet in fact, numerous passages including Leviticus 26:16 ff. make clear that cannibalism is an evil consequence of disobedience toward God.  For newswire coverage see: