HUIZHOU, Guangdong China, June 18, 2013 ( – The Chinese government has given notice to citizens of the city Huizhou that all women of childbearing age must be fitted with Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) or be permanently sterilized via tubal ligations.

Women who are currently in compliance with the one child policy must be fitted with IUDs. However, women who are in violation of the population control law with two children must present themselves for tubal ligations. 

The government is using both monetary rewards and threats that women will lose access to government-run social services in order to coerce women into submitting themselves for the temporary and permanent sterilizations. 

Women not in compliance with the mandate, and therefore not possessing a certificate of compliance, will not be able to enroll their children in school, receive social security benefits, or have access to government services. Hospitals will not issue relevant certifications without proof of IUD insertion or sterilization. 


Furthermore, when registering for a household registration in Huizhou for a newborn, the mother must first present a certificate that she has been fitted with an IUD. 

Some speculate the heightened population control measures are due to regional birth rates that are too high and low abortion and sterilization rates. 

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Those who do comply within a certain timeframe are promised rewards commensurate with their form of compliance.

For example, in the Lilin Township, couples one with child and an IUD-fitted mother will receive 300 yuan (roughly $50 U.S.). 

In the same township, couples who legally have two children and who have been sterilized will warrant a 2,000 yuan reward ($326 U.S.).

Couples who have legally had two daughters are enticed with the promise of 10,000 yuan, or $1,630, for being sterilized. 

Other local township governments are offering different rewards, which has raised suspicions that neighborhood communities and city departments are embezzling reward money. 

There are reports that these measures are underway in other provinces, as well.