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June 7, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reportedly hid the existence of a Chinese defector with knowledge of the communist nation’s bioweapons program from the FBI and CIA because it felt those agencies could not be trusted. 

In a recent series of tweets, independent journalist Adam Housley called attention to the existence of the informant who has told DIA authorities that China is trying to produce variants of the virus suggesting that COVID-19 came from bats in order to cover up that it came from the Wuhan lab. 

According to a report by Red State, the high-ranking defector has been with the DIA for three months, providing “an extensive, technically detailed debriefing to US officials.” 

“Sources say the level of confidence in the defector’s information is what has led to a sudden crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci,” asserts the Red State report, “adding that U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) personnel detailed to DIA have corroborated very technical details of information provided by the defector.”

After having canceled the Trump administration’s investigation into the virus’ origins, the Biden White House has recently been forced to hurriedly launch another

“Being told the increased pressure on China in recent days is due to a defector with intimate knowledge,” tweeted Housley. “In fact, [FBI director Christopher A.] Wray didn’t know right away because they wanted to make sure they got all they needed before telling him.

“Also … US intelligence believes China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that it originally came from a lab,” continued Housley. “The belief is still that it escaped accidentally, but was allowed to spread.”

“Again … what I reported tonight. US intelligence has a Chinese defector with Wuhan info. AND China is trying to produce variants that suggest it came from bats to cover up that coronavirus originally came from a lab,” reiterated Housley. 





“FBI Director Christopher Wray was ‘ambushed’ with the information,” RedState’s sources say. “Langley was also unaware. Sources say DIA leadership kept the defector within their Clandestine Services network to prevent Langley and the State Department from accessing the person, whose existence was kept from other agencies because DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies.”

In a commentary written for LifeSiteNews late last month, China expert Steven Mosher indicated why the FBI, CIA, and other U.S. intelligence agencies are untrustworthy: 

[T]hese are the same intelligence agencies that fed us the Steele Dossier and Russian Collusion lies of the past few years. I myself have little confidence that these heavily politicized agencies will produce anything other than a whitewash of China’s responsibility for the pandemic that it unleashed upon the world. Not to mention that they will be starting from ground-zero in carrying out their investigation.  

Mosher was the first to expose the Wuhan-lab origin of the coronavirus, drawing the fury of Silicon Valley “fact-checkers.”  

In a recent video interview with LifeSite’s editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen, Mosher “connected how China’s People’s Liberation Army was involved in experiments at the bioweapons lab Wuhan Institute of Virology that were ‘not just purely scientific research.’ He also highlighted the involvement of Anthony Fauci in not only covering up this information, but even in helping the Wuhan lab with funds, training, and support.”  

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s “blatantly political bent is unprofessional and is undoubtedly sowing distrust within the ranks of the nation’s security agencies,” wrote Kyle Becker, a former writer/associate producer at Fox News and founder of Becker News.

“Wray’s misleading comments about the threat posed to the nation by ‘white supremacists’ and ‘far right domestic extremists’ do not comport with present day political realities that grave threats are posed by both the right and the left, including radicalized Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa extremists who have caused billions in damage to communities nationwides [sic], as well as hundreds of injuries and dozens of deaths,” said Becker.