BEIJING, February 17, 2011 ( – A group of homosexual activists in China drew attention on Valentine’s Day when they crashed a kissing competition with their own romantic displays of affection.

Gay and lesbian couples seeking publicity to raise support for same-sex “marriage” in the country took the competition by surprise, according to a report posted on Shanghai List and circulating on homosexualist blogs. However, the competition was canceled moments before its scheduled beginning, leaving the homosexual couples to take over the limelight.

The List reports that homosexual and heterosexual couples in Shanghai performed a similar demonstration as part of a global “kiss-in” on the “International Day Against Homophobia” last year.

China, where officials first discussed same-sex “marriage” publicly in 2003, is considered an unlikely candidate for a change to the definition of marriage in the foreseeable future. Chinese homosexualist leaders have tried several times in the past decade to spearhead discussion on the issue in Congress, but none of their efforts have gained traction.

However, public homosexual demonstrations, such as a February 2009 “wedding pictures” event featuring homosexual couples in wedding attire, have begun slowly to emerge in the Communist country. In January of last year, a Chinese gay couple held a “wedding,” believed to be the first such event in the country.

Elsewhere in the world, homosexual “kiss-ins” have often been directed against Catholics for the church’s teaching that homosexual activity is a mortal sin.

On Valentine’s Day 2010, French homoesxuals planning a “kiss-in” in front of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris were forced by police to move the demonstration away from the beloved church to avoid a clash with Catholic counter-protesters. Later that year, about 200 Catholics defended the Cathedral of Lyons from a gay kiss-in, holding up crucifixes, the Vatican flag, and a large banner stating “No More Catholophobia,” before police again broke up the demonstration for not having a permit.

In November, Spanish homosexuals kissed publicly in protest of Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival in Barcelona.