March 26, 2013 ( – A 42-year-old Chinese woman took her own life earlier this month, after years of suffering following two botched forced sterilizations, according to Chinese media

Yang Yuzhi reportedly left her home at around noon on March 13 to go to the Taikang County Population and Family Planning Committee. What happened next is unclear, but officials say that at some point they found her hanging in the family planning offices. 

Yang’s son told media: “The Family Planning Officials told us that while they were discussing Ms. Yang’s case with the village mayor, some workers found her already dead, having hanged herself at the top of the stairs. They secretly called the ambulance to move her body to the hospital, but didn’t inform the family in a timely manner.”

Mrs. Yang had been forced to undergo a sterilization in 1996. However, that sterilization did not work, and in 2006 she was reportedly hauled away by family planning officials in the early morning hours for a second procedure.

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Since then she has suffered from severe pain in her lower abdomen. Dahne Health Net reports that she was on constant painkillers, which presented a financial burden to her family.

Family members say that Mrs. Yang’s body was covered with bruises, and that several thousand Chinese yuan on her person were missing. 

She leaves behind four children and her elderly parents. 

China’s one-child policy is routinely enforced with forced abortions and sterilizations, as well as crippling fines.