Wednesday February 3, 2010

Chinese Parents Refuse Simple Life-Saving Treatment for Daughter

FRONT ROYAL, VA, February 3, 2010 ( – According to Chinese news sources, a little girl born with an easily fixed medical condition on January 12th has effectively been sentenced to death in a hospice in the Chinese city of Tianjin – in a case that pro-life advocates charge stems from China’s strictly enforced one-child policy.

When they discovered that Baby Mei had been born without an anus, her parents rejected her. According to reports, they ignored the pleas of surgeons to allow the simple surgery that would correct the problem.

Instead, they had her transferred to a hospice to die. Baby Mei’s abdomen is already painfully swollen and she probably only has a few more days to live.

“Such unnecessary deaths are far too common in China,” said Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI) and expert on China’s one-child policy. “The first strike against Baby Mei is that she is a girl. Couples are only allowed one child, and generally prefer sons.

“The second strike against Baby Mei is that she is not perfect,” continues Mosher. “The Chinese government encourages its people to have only ‘perfect’ children, with the result that children seen as less than perfect are often abandoned. Many parents choose to put handicapped children to death.”

Baby Mei is 22 days old today. She will probably not live to see her one-month birthday.