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Protest against the Chinese government in Hong Kong.Laurel Chor / Getty Images

CONTENT WARNING: The following story is extremely disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

HONG KONG, November 18, 2019 (Live Action News) — Numerous media outlets are reporting that a teenager was gang-raped by police in Hong Kong and after she became pregnant as a result of the rape, she had an abortion with the police allegedly in the room.

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, the girl, believed to be a teenager, was walking past the Tsuen Wan Police Station in September while pro–Hong Kong protests were taking place. Though she was not participating in the protest, she was allegedly taken by four police officers in riot gear and dragged into the police station, where she was gang-raped. The girl eventually filed a complaint.

“The Complaints Against Police Office received a complaint on October 22 from a legal representative, saying that his client was raped in the Tsuen Wan Police Station on September 27. Due to the seriousness of the allegation, the case has been referred to the New Territories South Regional Crime Unit,” the station said in a statement to the Hong Kong Free Press.

Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based newspaper, also reported on the incident, saying the girl understandably suffered depression afterward. When she went to a hospital for unrelated issues, she found out she was pregnant. Apple Daily reported that police were in the “delivery room” when she had an abortion, though the implications of this claim are unclear at this time.

The girl was allegedly seven to eight weeks pregnant, which means she likely would have undergone an aspiration abortion. During this procedure, the woman has her cervix forcibly dilated, and then the abortionist uses a powerful suction catheter to vacuum the preborn child from the womb. He then uses a curette to scrape the woman's uterus to finish removing anything that may remain of the child.

These kinds of human rights abuses have come to be expected in places like China, where people are sent to so-called “re-education camps,” where they are tortured, raped, forced into abortions, sterilized, harvested for organs while they are alive, and eventually, killed. Women are also commonly dragged off the streets and forced into abortions if they violate China's population control laws. Others have had their infants kidnapped by government officials and put up for adoption.

Women in China have the highest suicide rate in the world. And until these injustices and human rights abuses are forced to stop, that seems unlikely to change. As for this teenage girl, it is unclear whether her alleged assailants will be held accountable.

Published with permission from Live Action News.