CHINA, September 4, 2013 ( – News of death, severe injury and illegal imprisonment related to the enforcement of China's One Child Policy continues to filter out of the country through clandestine internet communications.

The China Aid Association reported last week that family friends used an Internet forum to reveal that a woman died and left behind a seven-month-old son as a result of a mandatory intrauterine device (IUD) placement.

On August 22, Wang Wenbo, 30, from the village of Guanqiao in Tengzhou city, Dongzheng county, Shandong Province reportedly died after the order by the family planning office in Guanqiao to have the contraceptive device implanted was carried out. 


After Wang's death, her family called the police. A preliminary autopsy, conducted at the People's Hostpital, ruled out homicide and suicide as causes of death, the report said. 

Local family planning policy states that women are required to have an IUD placed after their first pregnancy and if a second pregnancy occurs, women are required to be sterilized by tubal ligation. 

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China Aid reported earlier this year that a new large-scale campaign to enforce IUD placement or sterilization is under way in some Chinese provinces. The campaign uses the promise of financial reward for compliance, or the threat of denial of services as coercion for those who don't comply. 

“On June 5, some netizens posted notices online that show … the government was requiring women who already had a child to be fitted with an IUD, while those with two children had to undergo a tubal ligation,” China Aid reported. 

“Those who complied within a certain time frame would receive a financial reward. Meanwhile, those who did not comply would not be issued certificates by the family planning departments when their children are to enroll in school, social security departments will not process applications for social security services, hospitals will not issue relevant certifications, and the local government will refuse to handle all related services for them.” 

Another incident recently came to light where a man who was forced to undergo sterilization was left paralyzed by the operation, and his wife, who was seeking justice for him, has suspiciously disappeared. 

China Aid learned on Aug. 26, 2013 that Chinese Christian Wang Xuebai has not been heard from for several days. “It is believed that Wang was detained in connection with her appeals to the government on behalf of her husband,” China Aid reported. 

Her husband, Li Defu was forced to undergo a vasectomy in the city of Shangqiu, Minquan, Henan Province, in 2009 because the couple already had two children, which violates China’s one child policy. 

After the operation Li began experiencing extreme pain and by November 2011, he was completely paralyzed. 

Wang reportedly took her husband to the Family Planning department in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, to get Li examined. The physicians at the Family Planning department confirmed that Li’s pain and paralysis were caused by the vasectomy procedure. 

However, China Aid was informed that On July 22, 2013, government officials forced Li to travel to Shangqiu for another medical examination. The results, released on Aug. 3, stated that Li’s pain and paralysis were not caused by the vasectomy procedure. 

Wang appealed numerous times for justice to be done in her husband’s case, but instead of a fair hearing she was threatened with imprisonment if she persisted. China Aid found out that Wang was subsequently detained several times including an incident on Oct. 25, 2012, when she was extra-judicially imprisoned until Nov. 4, 2012. 

“Wang has been out of contact for approximately a week now,” China Aid reported on August 30, “and it is believed that she has been imprisoned by the government once again.”