OTTAWA, Jan 20 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-family groups were astounded that Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his government refused to invoke the “notwithstanding” clause to retain the law against child pornography. Calgary Reform MP Eric Lowther has discovered more reason for shock. In a 1990 book called Towards a Just Society – The Trudeau Years, the current PM explained that the nothwithstanding clause was inserted in the constitution “to ensure that freedom of speech not render unconstitutional legislation banning child pornography.”  Moreover, as Justice Minister at the time when the clause was inserted he consented to the clause being put in place.

Lowther’s office published the news of Chretien’s prior commitment to using the notwithstanding clause against kiddie porn just as the Supreme Court was hearing case of child pornographer John Sharpe.  The court completed the hearing yesterday but the decision has yet to come down.