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Chris Christie: I used birth control. Am I a bad Catholic?

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MANCHESTER, NH, August 5, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told Republican voters in New Hampshire that “religion shouldn’t be in politics,” citing the Roman Catholic Church's teaching on contraception – and added a very personal revelation.

“I’m a Catholic, but I’ve used birth control,” he said during a campaign stop at a restaurant in Manchester on Tuesday. “And not just the rhythm method, OK?” he clarified.

“Does that make me an awful Catholic, because I believed and practiced that function during part of my life?” he asked. “I don’t think so, but you know what? I’m only going to find out when it’s my time to be judged.”

The Roman Catholic Church has taught that the use of contraceptives for the purposes of artificial birth control is a mortal sin, a teaching most prominently outlined in Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae, which was written in 1968.

It isn't the first time the outspoken governor has publicly announced his disagreement with his church's doctrines. In 2013, he told CNN, “My religion says [homosexuality is] a sin. But for me, I don’t” agree.

He made the statement in conjunction with his decision to sign the nation's second statewide ban on reparative therapy for minors struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction.

Christie's popularity has waned for months, but he is among the top 10 candidates who will appear at Fox News' Republican presidential debate in Cleveland tomorrow night.

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