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Cardinal Burke at the Rome March for Life 2017LifeSite

March 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinals Raymond Burke and Robert Sarah have urged Catholics not to lose hope during the global coronavirus pandemic and panic.

Burke, one of the two remaining dubia cardinals and one of the world’s foremost defenders of Catholic orthodoxy, reminded Catholics of the power of prayer and God’s sovereignty. 

“The prolonged assault of the coronavirus naturally leads to sadness and fear,” Burke posted on Twitter. “But we know that Christ is the Lord of nature and of history. Using natural means to defend ourselves against the pestilence, we do not forget our primary means of defense: prayer, especially the rosary and Eucharistic adoration.”

“Christ never abandons us,” he added.

Sarah similarly urged Catholics to pray and trust in the Lord. 

“If the circumstances or the civil or church provisions provoked by the coronavirus prevent you from going to church simply to encounter the Lord or from taking part in the Eucharist, know that no one, absolutely no one can prevent you from turning toward God and imploring his help during this great test,” Sarah, the Prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship, wrote in a letter to the faithful that he posted to Twitter.

He urged the faithful to pray more without becoming weary.

“Together with one heart and one soul and united in the same faith, let us lift our hands toward God and beg him,” Sarah continued. “Entrust to him the world and His Church. His heart will be touched and will save us.”

Bishops around the world are citing the coronavirus as they mandate Masses in their dioceses be canceled, many for an indefinite period of time. Cases of the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, have been reported in more than 150 countries. There have been 197,000 coronavirus cases reported worldwide as of yesterday, with at least 7,900 deaths.

Italy, France, and Spain are all on lockdown. President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency, as have many state governments. The economy and stock market have tanked with historic speed. Italy is the country that has been hit hardest other than China. Many countries have issued severe travel restrictions and closed their borders. Trump announced today he’s closing the U.S.-Canada border to “non-essential” travel, something he says will not affect trade.

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Translation of Sarah’s comment by Danielle Zuccaro of LifeSiteNews.