By Gudrun Schultz

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, September 12, 2006 ( – Two former editors of one of Indiana’s top newspapers are suing the paper for religious discrimination, claiming they were demoted and fired by homosexual management because of their evangelical Christian beliefs, Agape Press reported September 7.

Lisa Coffey and James Patterson filed a federal lawsuit against the Indianapolis Star, after Coffey was demoted and Patterson was fired. Both were experienced employees with excellent performance reviews who had spent years on the editorial board of the Star’s sister paper, the Indianapolis News.

When that paper closed down they were transferred to the Star. Coffey and Patterson say when the Gannett publishing company took ownership of the newspaper, homosexual and pro-homosexual managers were put in place. The two believe that their treatment by the management was a direct result of their Christian beliefs.

Coffey told Agape Press the situation is just one example of a growing secular monopoly of the media, controlling the information available to the public and promoting the “de-Christianization of America.”
“This whole issue is so much bigger than two people or a newspaper,” Coffey told Agape Press. “It’s really about media control. It’s about the growing monopolization of the press by media giants who are systematically buying up television, radio, Internet, newspaper outlets.”

The Indianapolis Star offered to settle out of court, but Coffey and Patterson want the case to go public, hoping it will alert people to the growing anti-Christian bias in the media.

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