By Terry Vanderheyden

Christian Heritage Party Leader Ron GrayOTTAWA, January 5, 2006 ( – Canada’s Christian Heritage Party (CHP) has launched a series of television commercials as part of their 2006 election campaign, aimed at describing key platform issues: support for the traditional definition of marriage; judicial accountability; and family-friendly tax incentives, to name a few.

In the first 30-second clip, (view here:, the CHP challenges viewers to “imagine:” a party that supports two-parent families; a party that “plans for generations ahead so that pension, health and unemployment benefits will be there;” and a party that “values all life.”

In a second clip (, CHP leader Ron Gray, criticizing the power that the courts have come to wield, explains that “The judiciary is supposed to settle disputes according to the law as they find it written . . . but in recent years that hasn’t been happening . . . in recent years the courts have been re-writing laws – even re-writing the constitution.” Gray concludes by emphasizing that “the CHP will defend democracy and the constitution.”

A third clip ( proposes a family-friendly tax credit that would give families where one parent stays home with the children an extra $1,000 per month in order to help them do so. The CHP says that this incentive would not just support parents who prefer to raise their children themselves, but would also reduce unemployment.

The CHP charged last month that the Liberal’s proposed daycare program, “dishonestly presented in terms of ‘children’s needs’– is really a massive giveaway of taxpayers’ money to a self-serving education lobby.” Gray says the program “will be harmful to children and families, it will increase social service costs, and it will burden the average Canadian family with about $1,500 or more of additional taxes every year.”

In a fourth clip (, the CHP proposes to shrink government size and waste. “The CHP believes that a smaller government with closer budget controls would leave more money in your pocket,” says Gray.

Summing up a key pro-family platform at a rally in June, Gray said: “Our message is not complicated: the people who want same-sex ‘marriage’ are a tiny fraction of the population; but our children are 100 percent of our future. It would be absurd to sacrifice the children’s need for a normal family, only to appease the sexual appetites of a tiny number of adults. That’s why protecting the family is so important.”

In a press release responding to a leadership debate last month, Gray dubbed the Conservatives “Liberal Lite” saying they have “now deserted all three of the most important issues in this campaign.” Those three issues, he said, are: the sanctity of innocent human life; the sanctity of marriage; and the urgent need to defend the Canadian Constitution from judicial usurpation of Parliament’s exclusive authority to write laws.

The CHP is the only party that is officially pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. All candidates are expected to adhere to the party position on life and family issues. In the 2004 election campaign, Campaign Life Coalition President Jim Hughes noted that “a vote for the CHP, especially in ridings where there is no other pro-life candidate, sends a very powerful message to the big three parties.”

The television ads will be airing across the country on the CBC as part of their free time election coverage of the various parties, and around the country in several different markets.

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