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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon interviews preeminent Christian scholar Nancy Pearcey on a variety of topics, including transgenderism, transhumanism, the World Economic Forum, and much more.

Much of the discussion flows from the ideas presented in Pearcey’s 2018 book Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality. Pearcey tells Jonathon she has noticed other writers and commentators pick up on her ideas of transgenderism as a) body hatred and b) a form of Gnosticism that denigrates the material body and finds salvation in escaping it.

Pearcey explains that the phrase “love thy body” is intentionally positive for the following reason.

“If you have a young person who is struggling with gender dysphoria, you don’t approach them and say, ‘You’re rebelling against God.’ It’s not an effective way to win over their hearts,” she says. “So I still find that Christian audiences have a harder time because they’re so used to the negative message … ”

“My first practical strategy is: change your language. Use language like ‘Respect your body,’ ‘Honor your body, and ‘Live the way God has designed you,'” she adds.

Transhumanism is also discussed in this week’s episode. Pearcey believes transhumanism is a “big part of the whole globalist agenda that is having an immense influence today through organizations like the World Economic Forum.”

“The globalist impulse is extremely strong, and the pandemic made it stronger, because these globalist groups got a lot of money, a huge transfer of income from poor people, ordinary middle-class people, to these multinational corporations and others who have very, very much of a globalist agenda,” she says. “So transhumanism is very much on the agenda for these groups, and they see transgenderism as a step. Now, if they’re right, that means transgenderism is going to continue to grow, because there’s a tremendous amount of money behind it.”

For more from Jonathon’s interview with Nancy Pearcey, listen below:

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