AZUSA, CA, September 26, 2013 ( – Azusa Pacific University, a Christian non-denominational college, has fired a female professor after she declared herself “transgender” and requested the school pay for her sex-change operation.

Heather Clements, an Azusa theology professor, started cross-dressing and referring to herself by the name “Heath Adam Ackley” this year, after 15 years teaching at the school.

Clements, a 47-year-old mother of two, told Charisma News she made the decision to divorce her second husband and begin living as a man after the American Psychiatric Association removed “Gender Identity Disorder” from its guide to mental illnesses. However, the APA still includes gender confusion in its guide, simply reclassifying it as “gender dysphoria.”


Clements told Charisma, “This year has been a transition from being a mentally ill woman to being a sane, transgendered man.”

In a video Clements posted to YouTube, which has since been removed, she described how she was raised by “hippie parents who allowed me to be myself.”

She said she had struggled with gender confusion her entire life, spending her early childhood “trying to be like my grandpa” and embracing what she called the “gender bending” trend of the late 1970s and early 1980s as a teenager.

Eventually, Clements said, her gender confusion led to the end of her first marriage and drove her to the brink of suicide and a life of self-harm, including cutting and anorexia.

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Azusa Pacific University has refused to comment on Clement’s departure, citing confidentiality rules. But Clements said the university asked her to leave, and arranged for other instructors to cover her classes while they search for a replacement.


The university will still pay her salary for the rest of the year, but according to Clements, that’s not good enough.

Clements is angry that her Azusa-provided health insurance refused to pay for hormone treatment and breast surgery to make her look more like a man.

“They’re giving me privacy to transition but denying medical treatment to do that,” Clements complained. She said she planned to meet with a university lawyer.

Clements said the rumors surrounding her departure were embarrassing. “People assumed that I’ve done something, some sex act,” she said. “I’m not violating any sexual conduct, and it’s embarrassing that it’s implied. I live a very chaste life.”

Clements now refers to herself as “a male eunuch.”