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SPOKANE, Washington, October 26, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — “In all of its endeavors, Whitworth University seeks to advance its founder's mission of equipping students to 'honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity,'” the school's website reads. 

And yet the Presbyterian-affiliated school is partnering with Planned Parenthood.

Whitworth University is facilitating and promoting Planned Parenthood student internships for college credit, where student interns are “professionally trained.” Whitworth lists the nation's largest abortion chain as their “community partner” and allows them to have a booth at their school volunteer fair to recruit students.

The prestigious Christian school also sends out flyers listing Planned Parenthood as a resource for pregnant students.


Last spring, Whitworth hosted a fetal tissue research discussion event, where they highlighted the “upside” of abortion as donating baby body parts and sought to discredit the Center for Medical Progress videos as “highly edited.”

Whitworth Students for Life is calling for the school to disassociate from Planned Parenthood.

“Christian colleges and universities should be at the forefront of demonstrating Christian morality and values, yet schools like Whitworth instead choose to set horrible examples for the students under their care, partnering with the nation’s largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood,” Students for Life of America Director of Communications Kristina Hernandez told LifeSiteNews. “Partnering with Planned Parenthood, allowing them to recruit students on their campus, making them a community partner, and sending Whitworth students there for internships is a failure on the part of sound leadership and morality.”

“We are so proud of James Silberman and the Students for Life group on campus for their courage in trying to make sure that the students have other options besides abortion and that their school set a good example and cut ties with Planned Parenthood,” Hernandez said.

School administrators include Carol Simon, provost and executive vice president (509-777-3755, or [email protected]), and Randy Michaelis, associate provost and head of instruction affairs (509-777-4402, or [email protected]).

Earlier this year, Texas Christian University also advertised a Planned Parenthood internship for students.