LONDON, Mar 15 ( – A survey of youth in England found that a majority of Christian youth repudiated the teachings of their religions on pre-marital sex, divorce, and abortion, while Muslim youth tend to hold their religion’s teachings more strongly.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the survey found 82% of young Anglicans reject life-long marriage and believe divorce is acceptable and only 31% view abortion as wrong. Among Roman Catholic teenagers, 85 per cent dismiss their Church’s teaching that sex outside marriage is wrong and 50% are against abortion. In comparison, 58% of Muslim youth reject abortion, 42% believe divorce is wrong and 49% say sex should be confined to marriage.

The research was conducted by the Rev Prof Leslie Francis, of Bangor University, and was published yesterday in The Fourth R For the Third Millennium, a book on religious education. Questionnaires were completed by 15,000 children, aged between 13 and 15, asking them to state their religious affiliation and their attitudes to personal, family and social teachings.

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