Christians fear retribution for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’ in Australia

As one pastor put it, 'the hate campaign truly began' against traditional marriage supporters after Parliament's vote last week.
Mon Dec 11, 2017 - 6:41 pm EST
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SYDNEY, Australia, December 11, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Christians in Australia who uphold the sanctity of one-man, one-woman marriage are feeling threatened after the country legalized same-sex “marriage” last week.

After a volunteer mail-in survey, lawmakers in both houses of Parliament passed a law legalizing homosexual “marriage” last week. But as Pastor Mark Powell put it in The Spectator Australia, “Let it be known that on the December 7, 2017 – the day in Australian Parliamentary history when "love won" – the hate campaign truly began.”

Angry, intolerant

Powell was referring to a “deluge” of hate mail and social media posts from homosexual activists directed at traditional marriage supporters, all under the hashtag “Love Wins.”

One of the leading supporters of man/woman marriage, Lyle Shelton, received what Powell calls a “Twitter storm attack.” The posts are not publishable here, but suffice it to say cursing and disease contracted in one of the most disgusting ways is the repeated wish upon Shelton and followers of Christ’s teachings.

Only a week before, the same people assured the concerned populace that they posed no threat but were only interested in live-and-let-live tolerance of same-sex “marriage.”

As one placard put it, “No More Mr. Nice Gay.”

Powell put the concern of traditionalists in perspective by turning the tables. “Just imagine the backlash if people who wanted to retain the historic definition of marriage responded in this way?”

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson summarized, “Many activists, having used their right to freedom of expression to advance their cause, now want to trample on the rights of those who do not agree with them.”

Homosexuals attack ex-gay

Simultaneously, a church program to help those with unwanted same-sex attractions was cruelly condemned, regardless of the needs of men and women desperate to leave the dangerous lifestyle.

The Perth City Church of Christ hosted James Parker, an ex-gay man who converted to Christ and is now the head of a family. The husband and father openly admitted his previous promiscuous lifestyle and offered concrete hope to entrapped homosexuals that there is a way out.

Parker said he was abused by many teachers in his home country of England as well as an older male. He developed an addiction to pornography and alcohol. He declared himself “gay” at age 17 and bedded over 200 men while attending a London university. At one point, he nearly considered himself transgender.

But then Parker “experienced a profound spiritual awakening” and “discovered in a deep way the forgiveness, love and mercy of Jesus Christ.”

The way out for Parker, he said, was daily prayer and “the encouragement of a group of Catholic friends.” He eventually confessed faith in Jesus and joined the Catholic Church.

Responding to promotion of Parker’s event, pro-homosexual social media posters were merciless. Apparently threatened by the idea that homosexuality can be healed -- and that anyone would want to be healed of the malady -- many attempted to silence the message by attacking the messenger.

Ignoring Parker’s life witness, adolescent put-downs were employed by pro-sodomy commenters. One called him “fat.” Another relayed the story of a similar friend whom he described as “miserable.”  

The common thread in posts was that anyone who escaped the gay lifestyle is lying about a new “straight” life. “You can pretend to be straight as much as you want and live as a husband and father,” one commenter conceded, “but that doesn’t mean you will be happy.”

Meningitis outbreak

Meanwhile, a possibly gay-transmitted disease has spread to the point that the a public health warning was posted.

The government issued an alert about an outbreak of a strain of meningococcal, a life-threatening bacteria infecting a growing number of men in the Northern Territory. The territory Department of Health advised all citizens to be careful, as the disease is spread only by “close and prolonged contact” with saliva, such as in deep kissing.

“Meningococcal can be fatal or leave people with severe disabilities,” a government website warned. In the last year, rates of the dangerous “W” strain of meningococcal tripled in Tasmania.

As a result of the outbreak, the NT Department of Health initiated a vaccination program for indigenous Aboriginal people up to age 19. “This age group targets those most at risk of serious illness and those who are most likely to be carrying the meningococcal bacteria,” the government explained.

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