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COLUMBIA, South Carolina (LifeSiteNews) — Some South Carolina Christians made their feelings about Donald Trump’s LGBT advocacy very clear last month.

The small group, which included local traditional Catholics, rallied outside the annual South Carolina GOP gala dinner at the State Fair Grounds on August 5. Former President Donald Trump was the keynote speaker, and the group was there to protest his support for homosexuality – in particular, same-sex ‘marriage,’ which sanctions children being raised by same-sex couples.

The protesters held a large sign and gave out cards with the same message as attendees drove in. As Sarah Walker explained, “We are here because the South Carolina GOP platform states that marriage is between a man and a woman, but Trump supports gay marriage. Trump says it is settled law and he is fine with that.”

A member of the group, James Francis, who paid for the sign and cards but could not attend the rally, said that “after watching the movie Sound of Freedom and listening to Eduardo Verastegui asking people to pray about what they could do to help, I was inspired that we had to stand up for the children. Innocent children should not be bought by same-sex couples in an adoption and surrogacy marketplace.”

The youngest member of the group, Jason Williams, summed up the protest best when he said that, while he has been a major fan of the former president, when he found out that Trump fully supported gay marriage he decided, “I love God more, and I have to stand with Him and the Bible.”

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This was the 57th year for the Silver Elephants Gala, which brings together GOP donors from around the state. This year there were over 1200 guests.

Unfortunately, not many of Trump’s  conservative South Carolina supporters seem to know about the Log Cabin Gay Republican Gala that he hosted at Mar-a-Lago last December 15. There the former president told his 500 guests, homosexuals and their “allies,” that he was “fighting and fighting hard for the gay community.”

In 2020, Trump was heralded as the “most pro-gay president in American history.” Additionally, Trump plays the YMCA song at the end of all his rallies which he rightly says is the gay national anthem.

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Trump’s wife Melania confirmed Trump’s support for same-sex unions in a 2020 Log Cabin Republican Twitter video stating that her husband was “the first president to enter the White House supporting gay ‘marriage’.”

In 2007 South Carolina approved an amendment banning same-sex ‘marriage’ after a majority vote by its citizens.  But after a lawsuit brought by two lesbians, it was imposed on South Carolina by a U.S. District Judge in 2014.  The Obergefell v. Hodges decision solidified that law for all the states in 2015.