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Michael Voris and Christine Niles discussing Church Militant’s First Amendment Court victory Church Militant video screenshot

BALTIMORE, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Catholic news outlet Church Militant (CM) will host its “Bishops: Enough is Enough” conference and prayer rally today in Baltimore, directly opposite the hotel where the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is hosting its annual Fall Assembly. 

Billed as addressing “the foul deeds of cover-up and corruption” among many of America’s prelates, the seven-hour event features speakers covering topics from the sex abuse scandals in the Church, to theological errors promulgated by the bishops. 

Catholic authors and cultural commentators such as Terry Barber and David L. Gray, as well as persecuted clergy and laity – including Father James Altman and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick victim James Grein– are all slated to speak. 

After a months-long legal battle with the City of Baltimore, which, in concert with the conference venue, had been trying to block CM from hosting its event by citing concerns that some of the speakers might “incite violence in the heart of downtown Baltimore,” CM was successful in preventing any interference with its planned event by a definitive decision from the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals just days ago. 

“Baltimore city officials did everything they could to keep sex abuse victims from speaking out against the U.S.  bishops and the ongoing cover-up of clerical sexual predation,” said CM senior reporter Christine Niles in a video report. 

The conference can now proceed as originally planned and is set to commence at 10:30AM EST. 

CM has made the event free to attend for more than 3,000 people and set up a live stream here for those who wish to take part remotely. Milo Yiannopoulos is slated to emcee the conference. 

A roster of speakers published by CM lists the following individuals as featured during the conference: 

  • Michael Voris— Church Militant 
  • James Altman — Stripped of faculties
  • Steve Bannon — War Room: Pandemic
  • Terry Barber & Jesse Romero — Virgin Most Powerful Radio
  • Stephen Brady — Roman Catholic Faithful
  • Patrick Coffin — Coffin Nation (by video)
  • Brien Dux — Plaintiff, Detroit archbishop lawsuit
  • David L. Gray – Catholic author & theologian
  • James Grein— McCarrick victim 
  • Jim Havens — The Men’s March
  • Michael Hichborn— Spokesman, USCCB fraud lawsuit 
  • Duffy Kane — Baltimore Resistance captain
  • Alan Keyes – Conservative political activist, pundit, author
  • Michelle Malkin — Investigative journalist
  • George Neumayr — Senior editor, The American Spectator
  • Molly Smith — President, Cleveland Right to Life