LONDON, May 21, 2003 ( – The Labour government of Tony Blair has elevated one of the leading Anglican homosexual activists to the rank of bishop. Canon Jeffrey John, 50, who has called for the ordination of practising homosexuals and the blessing of same-sex marriages, was appointed as Suffragan (or deputy) Bishop of Reading.  Bishop John was a contributor to a collection of prayers for homosexuals—not for grace to help them restrain their impulses or change their deviant lifestyle, but in support of same-sex marriage, sex change operations and blessing what the prayers call “fantasy and fetish.”  Bishops in the Church of England are appointed by the prime minister, in this case with the advice of senior liberals within the Anglican hierarchy. But the Rev. Rod Thomas, who represents Bible-believing Anglican evangelicals, said: “It will make [evangelicals] worry even more about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s own position, and reinforce their desire only to accept biblical ministry in their churches rather than the liberal opinions of some bishops.”  For coverage from the Daily Telegraph (UK):

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