HOLLYWOOD, Jan 20 (LifeSiteNews) – Cider House Rules, a film glorifying abortion which LifeSite readers were first warned about last September, and which hit the screen in late December,  was authored by an abortion activist.  John Irving, the author who wrote both the screenplay and the novel gave a rare interview in the December issue of Famous magazine.

The article notes that Irving is “a longstanding supporter of Planned Parenthood and the national Abortion Rights Action League.  “I take it as a given that women should be able to get abortions if they want them,” says Irving.  Irving refers to “people of the right-to life persuasion” as “extremists” and says: “To the extent that they hurt people, which they have,  and when they interfere with the rights of others, which they seem to consider their right,  they should be jailed.”

The film about an abortionist who runs an orphanage was described by the Family Research Council as trying to do for abortion what Mark Twain did for the Mississippi River. However,  with reviews such as “Rule no. 1 – don’t go”, “disappointingly sleepy and exceedingly dull”,  and “yawn,” the film is not likely to garner much of an audience.