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(LifeSiteNews) – Boise, Idaho’s city council voted Tuesday to prohibit enforcement of the state’s anti-abortion trigger law, rendering the city an abortion “sanctuary.”

“Tonight we passed a resolution that we won’t use city resources to investigate claims of abortion,” Boise Mayor Lauren McLean wrote in a Twitter post after the resolution’s passage. “The extreme Idaho law erodes our residents’ rights, invades our privacy, and puts the health of many at risk. Boise won’t be a part of this.”

The resolution aims to sidestep a March 2020 Idaho “trigger law” that went into effect a month after Roe v. Wade’s reversal that bans all abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother. Under the trigger law, an abortionist “could face a felony prosecution punishable by up to five years in prison,” the Associated Press reported. In addition, health care professionals could have their licenses suspended for illegal abortions.

Despite the trigger law’s exceptions for rape and incest reported to law enforcement, the resolution cites victims of rape and incest as “disproportionately impacted” by the abortion ban.

The new city policy declares that “Investigations for the purpose of prosecuting abortion providers will not be prioritized, and additional resources or personnel will not be assigned,” The Federalist reported.

It additionally prevents city funds “from being used to collect data on those who perform abortions,” or “to share such data with the state or federal government,” the conservative news outlet noted.

Scott Yenor, a professor of political science at Boise State University, told The Federalist that despite being confined to one city, the resolution would have a heavy impact on the entire state by keeping abortion “effectively accessible” in large swaths of Idaho.

“Boise is the population center of Idaho. If abortion clinics can operate in Boise without legal penalty, nearly half of Idaho could get an abortion in less than an hour,” Yenor explained.

The policy makes exceptions for “abortion investigations involving coercion or force used against the pregnant person, conduct criminally negligent to the health of the pregnant person,” and “cases where the abortion is … investigated as evidence of another crime, such as sexual assault.”

Boise joins a growing list of cities passing policies in efforts to circumvent abortion restrictions triggered or enacted after Roe’s reversal. According to Axios, local prosecutors in Nashville, Tennessee; DeKalb County, Georgia; Fairfax County, Virginia; and Durham County, North Carolina, “have all said abortion-related prosecutions won’t be a high priority for their departments, or they directly stated that they will not enforce state bans.”

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