COLMENAR VIEJO, September 30, 2005 ( - Spanish objectors to the socialist party line on same-sex“marriage” will have their day in court. Judge Isabel Lopez Garcia-Nieto of Colmenar Viejo, has filed the first case of conscientious objection against the new law to a Federal Court.

In June Spain, led by its recently elected and openly anti-Catholic socialist government, joined the ranks of the international leftist movement to abolish the traditional family. In so doing it become the third country in the world to declare that homosexual partnerings could be considered “marriage” under the law.

In her submission, Judge Lopez said that as a Catholic, she has a moral obligation to adhere to the Church’s teaching that such unions constitute “a flagrant denial of fundamental anthropological data and an authentic subversion of the most basic principles of social order.”

“Conscientious objection forms a part of the content of the fundamental right to ideological and religious freedom” recognized in the Spanish Constitution, she argued.

Judge Lopez’s case follows on an earlier announcement by Judge Laura Alabau of the city of Denia in southwestern Spain who, a month after the passage of the law, refused to “marry” a lesbian couple and filed a legal challenge.

The Spanish Justice Minister, however, said last week he is confident that the government would win any legal challenges to the law. Minister Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar spoke a day after the leader of the Popular Party, Mariano Rajoy, announced that his party would be filing a civil suit against calling homosexual unions “marriage.”

The Popular Party’s position is roughly equivalent to that of the Canadian Conservative Party that supports giving homosexual unions the same legal rights as authentic marriage, while only objecting to the word “marriage” being given to these unions. The Popular Party, which is called conservative by most mainstream media, is gaining in the polls, now enjoying 39% support.

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