OTTAWA, August 15, 2003 ( – Polls and research to determine how Members of Parliament are going to vote on the homosexual ‘marriage’ bill have shown the numbers for and against to be extremely close.  The latest tallies show that the legislation is in danger of defeat.

That has given impetus to suggestions of a legal “civil union” instead of “marriage”.  The idea is being floated as a compromise solution to the controversial issue.  Another compromise solution proposed by the Conservative Party would see the government register only partnerships, shirking its responsibility to safeguard and protect marriage altogether, and leave ‘marriages’ up to churches.  Nonetheless, the government remains firmly behind homosexual “marriage” claiming it to be the only equitable solution.  Justice Minister Martin Cauchon has noted that the final vote on the matter could be more than a year away and believes that opposition to homosexual ‘marriage’ will weaken in the interim.  For Catholic politicians however, both homosexual “marriage” and “civil unions” and other such compromise measures are out of the question.  The recent Vatican document on the matter released in late July required Catholic politicians, if they wish to remain in communion with the Catholic Church, to vote against such proposals.  However, the document explains, that beyond Catholics, all politicians who are concerned with the common good must defend traditional marriage since any alternate proposal would erode the societal respect due to marriage and family as the basic building block of society.  See the coverage in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star:   See the full text of the New Vatican Document: