Peter J. Smith


Claim: Romanian hospitals queasy over abortion at Christmas, Easter

Peter J. Smith

BUCHAREST, Romania, April 18, 2011 ( – What is the worst time to get an abortion in Romania? Right around the Christian holidays that celebrate the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ, claims one study.

The Croatian Times reports that nearly three-quarters of Romanian hospitals will not abort unborn children around both Christmas and Easter, according to a study by the Euroregional Center for Public Initiatives (ECPI). The ECPI is funded in part by the Open Societies Institute, an initiative of billionaire globalist and population control advocate George Soros.

The Times reports that only 18 out of 68 hospitals (27 percent in all) in December 2010 said they performed abortions around the time of the Christian holidays. Even then, the Times reported, many doctors at the hospitals carrying out abortions had religious qualms about performing them.

Romania has one of the highest rates of abortion in the European Union, with a ratio of 3 abortions per every birth.

This past March, pro-life activists in Romania conducted three marches for life in the capital, organized by a coalition of 20 pro-life groups. At the time, Bogdan Stanciu, head of the Pro Vita association, called on Romania’s political parties to “protect life and abolish legislation permitting abortion.”

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