May 3 (

“Infanticide is still illegal in Canada,” said Campaign Life Coalition national organizer Mary Ellen Douglas. “Could that be the reason Foothills Hospital wants to silence reports of aborted babies born alive and then left to die?”

Mrs. Douglas said CLC is gravely concerned about an apparent cover-up of how certain late-term abortions are being handled at the Calgary health care facility. Last week, the hospital and the Calgary Regional Health Authority obtained a court order forbidding Alberta Report to publish the allegations of three nurses, who say they have been told not to give full care to babies born alive after late-term abortions.

The hospital claims the information must be kept secret, because it puts abortion providers at Foothills at risk of violence. But Mrs. Douglas notes that the magazine has not revealed the names of the staff involved.

The magazine has also been forbidden to write about a hospital memo requiring all nurses to participate in “genetic terminations”—abortions of babies with Down syndrome, spina bifida,  or other “imperfections.” “The situation at Foothills raises several important questions,” said Mrs. Douglas. “First, why has there not been an investigation into the matter, and proper enforcement of the law? Second,  how can we tolerate such suppression of the press in a free society, and on such a crucial issue?” “Third,” Mrs. Douglas continued, “when will our lawmakers act to ensure protection of the conscience rights of health care workers, as most other jurisdictions in the Western world have done? Anyone with half a heart and any sense of justice should be outraged at what nurses and other health care professionals are forced to do.”


Mary Ellen Douglas may be reached for further comment at (613)389-4472.