TORONTO, Thu Apr 21, 2011 ( – A fantastic opportunity for all budding Canadian pro-life video producers has been announced by Campaign Life Coalition Youth.


Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) Youth’s March 4 Life Viral Video Challenge invites people of all ages to show their March for Life experience through their own eyes.

According to CLC’s youth coordinator Alissa Golob, the purpose of this contest is to overwhelm YouTube and the internet with a variety of videos depicting the biggest pro-life event of the year, the annual March for Life in Ottawa, to be held Thursday, May 12th, 2011.

“When you search on YouTube or the internet about the March for Life in Canada you get next to no results,” Alissa told LifeSiteNews. “This video contest is a great way for people to embrace the social media in a positive way and inspire others not only to come to the March for Life but also to share their experiences with others.”

“Everyone has a different story to tell, and since the March for Life has so much to offer people of all ages, this contest is a great way to communicate and spread the pro-life message,” Alissa said.

CLC is offering two prizes for the videos judged to be the best.

First prize is the latest iPod Touch 8GB. This iPod comes with a media player, camera and video options, Wi-FI accessibility and a multitude of games and apps.

Second prize is a $200 Apple Gift Card. “The Apple store has hundreds of different top-of-the-line products including laptops, iphones, and ipads, not to mention a variety of accessories to accompany these products. This is a prize you don’t want to miss!” Alissa enthused.

Contest entry is simple:

1) Create a video about your experience at the March for Life and/or any other March for Life festivities happening over the course of the weekend, in a creative short video.

2) Upload it to YouTube

3) Email Campaign Life Coalition ([email protected]) the link.

“It’s just that easy!” Alissa said. “After sending your video link you should receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you we have received your e-mail. Winners will be chosen on the 30th of May, so be sure to have your video submitted by May 24th, 2011.”

“Despite what our government might have you believe, abortion is NOT a closed issue in this country,” Alissa remarked.

“The best way for us to demonstrate this is to show that there are thousands upon thousands of pro-life Canadians willing to stand up for life. The media doesn’t cover the March for Life – so let’s cover it ourselves and get the word out there – winning awesome prizes along the way!!”

Contest entry deadline is May 24th, 2011, with winners chosen on May 30th.

Email your YouTube video link to: [email protected]

For more information visit the Campaign Life Coalition website and click on the Youth tab, or call 416-204-9749 (Toll free: 1-800-730-5358)