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VATICAN CITY, May 20, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Biden administration climate czar John Kerry met with Pope Francis in a private audience last weekend, lauding the pontiff as “one of, if not the … most powerful voices” on “climate change” ideology.

“Well, the pope is one of the great voices of reason and compelling moral authority on the subject of the climate crisis,” Kerry said in an interview with Vatican News after his audience. He added that Francis’s “voice will be a very important voice leading up to and through” the upcoming U.N. climate summit in Glasgow this year, which Kerry said he believes the Pope “intends to attend.”

John Kerry, the first-ever U.S. presidential climate envoy, met with Pope Francis after delivering a keynote speech last week at the Vatican’s “Dreaming of a Better Restart” conference with top globalist bureaucrats linked to the “Great Reset.”

“I think his Holiness speaks with a moral authority that is quite separate,” and “with unique authority, and that hopefully can help push people to greater ambition to get the job done,” Kerry told Vatican News on Saturday. “He has the ability to be able to affect citizens in many different countries all at the same time,” he said about Francis, adding that “we look to him for further guidance and help in getting this job done.”

An Obama-era secretary of state and self-professed “Catholic,” Kerry previously has faced sharp criticism from Catholic leaders over his decades-long abortion advocacy and defense of partial-birth abortion. As head of the State Department during the Obama administration, Kerry aggressively peddled LGBT ideology, redefining LGBT advocacy as “central” to U.S. foreign policy.

The Biden climate czar also has been a notable “climate change” alarmist and was widely mocked in February for claiming that the world only has “nine years left” to avoid “catastrophic” climate problems.

“He has been consistently wrong about the apocalyptic consequences of climate change,” former Wisconsin lawmaker Frank Lassee observed last year, citing Kerry’s claim in 2009 that “the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer of 2013,” according to “scientists.”

“Those unnamed scientists he quotes were spectacularly wrong, as their predictions of melting glaciers haven’t happened. This year’s summer Arctic minimum sea ice extent was nearly 1.5 million square miles,” Lassee said.

Pope Francis, for his part, has practiced virtually identical and equally dubious climate alarmism. “We only have a few years” to avoid “radical and catastrophic climate change,” the Pope warned during a TED Talk in October devoid of references to God or Jesus Christ.

“The biblical flood, according to experts, is a mythical tale,” he wrote in his recent book Of Vices and Virtues. “A great flood, perhaps due to a rise in temperature and the melting of the glaciers is what will happen now if we continue on the same path,” he baselessly asserted.