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(LifeSiteNews) — The European Union’s (EU) plan “Fit for 55” could usher in a green climate dictatorship, destroy the economy and make it impossible for many to own their own home. 

LifeSiteNews journalist Andreas Wailzer sat down with Catholic activist Alexander Tschugguel in Vienna to discuss the EU’s totalitarian plans, online censorship, and the rise of transgenderism and “drag queen story hours” in Europe. 

The EU plan titled “Fit for 55” aims to reduce carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990) and to be completely “climate neutral” by 2050. This plan could result in millions losing their homes and being unable to own a car. 

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“They want to basically force everyone in Europe to renovate old houses that are not energy efficient enough,” Wailzer said. 

“For many homeowners, this will mean that they will not be able to use their houses in 2030 or 2033, depending on what class of energy efficiency they fall under.” 

“By 2035 the EU plans to ban all gas-powered cars,” Wailzer continued. “This will mean, basically, the end of car ownership for many people because many people can’t afford electric cars. And honestly, I cannot imagine that our power grids will even be able to support that many electric cars.” 

Wailzer cited a consultant to the German Green Party who said that “we’re taking away the Germans’ dream of owning their own house and car,” in their attempt to “save the climate.” 

“What we see here is an attack on private ownership, an attack which obviously goes against the commandment ‘thou shalt not steal,’” Tschugguel said. He stressed that an attack on private property is also an attack on the family. 

“If they take away our cars and houses, what are they taking away from us? They take away the possibility for us to have our own family private spaces.”

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Moreover, during this year’s Easter Triduum, YouTube removed one of Tschugguel’s videos explaining the ideological roots of “drag queen story hours.” This happened at the same time when LifeSiteNews’ John-Henry Western Channel was permanently banned from YouTube for violating its “terms of service.” 

“We are in the middle of an ideological fight and YouTube is a big company owned by people who are our enemies,” Tschugguel said. “So why should our enemies allow us to speak the truth on the channels?” 

Tschugguel also talked about the first drag queen story hour for children in Austria, which attracted significant media attention and controversy in the country. He noted that “the Austrian public is by far majority-against this transgender ideology.” 

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Tschugguel recalled his recent debate on Austrian television in which he squared off against a transgender activist and drag queen performer who openly stated that “after puberty, it gets difficult to start transitioning,” and insinuated that gender-confused children should start “transitioning” before they enter puberty. 

“He [the drag queen actor] called being a man or being a woman growing up with certain soft parts,” the Catholic activist recalled. “You see the way they talk about the human body, the way you talk about the human soul, the way they talk about humanity in general is disgusting. They hate humanity.” 

Tschugguel added that drag queens are “servants of our enemy” and that they are, in a sense, “victims as well.”