WASHINGTON, Nov 12 ( – After having repeatedly refused to sign bills that would provide money to the United Nations providing that the funds did not go to lobby for abortion, the Clinton administration’s intransigence may finally be weakening. International pressure to fund the UN has mounted and an unnamed senior administration official told the New York Times that Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright “as a woman secretary of state who knows extremely well the instinctive concerns of women’s groups, [is] prepared to take the heat” for the compromise decision. 

Speaking of the abortion pushing groups, the informant told the paper that Mrs. Albright “is prepared to meet with them and explain to them why this does not harm our fundamental position, but that getting the U.N. dues is critical for our national security.” Although the Times does not mention it, a sham “compromise” measure is also being floated which would allow US taxpayers funds to be used to lobby other governments to promote abortion unless such lobbying was illegal. 

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Albright Is Offering Compromise on Abortion Stance Issue