NEW YORK, September 16, 2005 ( – Former US President Bill Clinton has long dreamed of power in international affairs. He has long been rumoured to be the next to be tapped for UN Secretary General, and is a key player in the international movement that seeks to “unite” the world’s nations under a single, all-encompassing state governed by the UN’s favoured class of leftist elites.

  Clinton’s latest project, the Clinton Global Initiative, (CGI), has attracted 1000 of the world’s most prominent internationalist movers and shakers this week. The three-day conference, which kicked off last night in New York, includes representatives of many of the world’s heads of state, is touted as a means “to forge a new level of global cooperation.” The stated goals of the meeting include finding solutions to “global poverty, religious conflict, government corruption and global warming.”

  CGI’s goal is an “integrated global community of shared benefits, responsibilities, and values.”

  The list of goals, however innocuous and noble they may sound on the surface, will be recognized by pro-life UN-watchers as the usual roster of projects used by the UN’s population and eugenics activists as a smokescreen. They are the standard tools for the universal imposition of abortion, sterilization, the destruction of the family and religious freedom and the erosion of the sovereign rights of independent nations.

  The CGI proposes to address “Religion Conflict and Resolution.” According to CGI, “For many hundreds of millions, the most important community ties are born of faith – not nation; the most authoritative pronouncements are those of religious leaders – not statesmen … .” For many in the international movement towards a single world government, religion, particularly “traditional” Christianity and Judaism represent not a unifying and stabilizing force for good, but a major obstacle to their goals of a universal secular state. Religion, says CGI, represents “a chief engine of deadly conflict.”

  The online news service World Net Daily, asks under which set of “values” the CGI proposes the world ought to unite in the opinion of the CGI delegates. The advisory board for the Religion Forum, says WND reporter, Mary Jo Anderson, is “packed with those who are noted for their liberal views toward religion – those for whom dogma is ‘problematical,’” including the Catholic Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal McCarrick.

  Included in the list of delegates is British Prime Minister Tony Blair, US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, Jordan’s King Abdullah, Ukraine President Victor Yushchenko and Dominique de Villepin, the French Prime Minister.

  The contingent from Canada includes Conservative Party turn-coat, Belinda Stronach, who has long had a “personal friendship” with Clinton. Along with Stronach, the Canadian contingent includes Prime Minister Paul Martin and his predecessor, Jean Chretien and International Development and Aid Minister, Aileen Carroll.

  Sponsors of the Clinton Global Initiative include internationalist groups interested in the UN agenda: Microsoft, Starbucks, Hewlett Packard, Google, Yahoo, Goldman Sachs, and the venerable eugenics/population control supporter, the Rockefeller Foundation, each of whom have donated at least US $250,000

  Pro-family groups are not the only ones skeptical of the goals and usefulness of the Clinton extravaganza. The headline in today’s South China Morning Post reads, “His plans are grand, but can he save the world?”

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