By John Connolly

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire, January 7, 2008 ( – Following her crushing defeat in Iowa, Hillary Clinton has decided to attack Barack Obama on different ground: she is claiming that he is not as committed to abortion as she is, hoping to cast doubt that Obama is pro-abortion enough to make an acceptable Democratic president.

In a recent mailing to voters in New Hampshire, Hillary criticizes Obama for voting “present” instead of in favor of pro-abortion legislature on seven occasions. The mailer claims Clinton is a person who will “stand up for women’s right to choose.”

Obama has received a rating of 100% from Planned Parenthood, based on his voting record as an Illinois senator.

Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said the campaign decided to send the piece because “as Senator Obama has said, ‘Voting records matter.’”

“The Clinton campaign’s false negative attacks were rejected by Iowa voters, and we expect that they’ll suffer the same fate here in New Hampshire,” said Bill Burton, spokesman for Obama.

Obama responded to Hillary’s mailer with an automated call, a procedure that the Clinton campaign has cried foul over, claiming automated calls are illegal in presidential primaries.

“Hi this is Wendy Frosh, chair of the board of Planned Parenthood in Northern New England,” says the call. “As people have begun to rally around Barack Obama’s call for change, the false attacks have begun. He was a leader and activist in reproductive rights for more than 20 years, I know the facts. Barack has a 100% pro-choice record and has always been a champion for women’s rights. Hillary Clinton’s last minute smears won’t protect the right to choose. But as president, Barack Obama will. Please join me in supporting Barack Obama this Tuesday. Thank you. Paid for by Obama for America.”

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