Catholic World News Oct 13, 1997

WASHINGTON, DC (CWN) – President Bill Clinton vetoed a proposed ban on partial-birth abortions on Friday as he had promised, and congressional supporters of the bill said they plan on waiting for an override until next year.

The reason for the delay is that the proximity of the 1998 congressional elections could force some representatives and senators who might be on the fence about the override to contemplate the backlash possible on the politically-charged issue. The House voted for the ban with a large enough margin to win an override, but the Senate was two or three votes short of guaranteeing an override according to Republican leaders.

Clinton said he opposed the ban because it did not offer enough exceptions including one for any pregnancy that affects the health of the mother. But the American Medical Association and other medical experts had already thrown their support behind the current bill, saying the procedure is never medically necessary to safe the health or life of the mother.