TORONTO, October 19, 2005 ( – Even in the fifth decade of their Trudeau-inspired national identity crisis, the one thing that Canadians, particularly Torontonians, can agree upon is their hatred for America, particularly for the traditional Christian values espoused by its current president, George W. Bush.

Canadian anti-Americanism is, paradoxically, perhaps best expressed in its adulation for one of the US’s most infamously unscrupulous and immoral leaders, former president William Jefferson Clinton. Clinton gave a day-long motivational seminar, called The Power Within, to 5,000 paying listeners in Toronto yesterday while scooping up his usual average $160,000 fee for the event. The former president, whose administration was the most scandal-plagued in US history, urged Canadians to put an end to child poverty and terrorism by embracing the world’s religions.

“I hope to help create more of a global conscience, a shared consensus about the challenges we share going forward into the future. We have to find a way to reach that other half of people in the world who don’t know we care about them,” he said to the audience of business leaders.

Event organizers called him, “one of the greatest leaders in the history of presidents” and an “inspiring” presence. Christian Darbyshire of TinePublic Inc., that organized Monday’s forum on Canada-U.S. relations in London said, “He’s probably more influential these days now . . .than he was as the president.”

Certainly the former president it likely much richer than when he was president given the millions of dollars earned from his many speaking engagements. He also spoke to a sold out crowd of 4500 in London, Ontario on Monday and has another sold out engagement to 4,000 monied groupies in Calgary today.

According to those in attendance the former president’s appeal has more to do with an ability to manipulate an audience and his almost hypnotic personal charisma than anything unique about what he said. Mike Strobel, a columnist for the Toronto Sun, said his speech was “flatter than an Arkansas rice field. War, peace, AIDS, global warming, nuclear threats, the rich, the poor, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

To those who keep watch on the agenda of the globalist New Left, however, Clinton’s platitudes and soundbites are only too familiar.

They are simplified versions of those proposed by the Canadian guru of the left, Maurice Strong and former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in their Earth Charter, a document adopted by the United Nations that Clinton was rumoured to soon be heading as the next Secretary General. The Earth Charter proposes to replace all the religions of the world with pantheistic nature worship in which the human race is seen as a kind of disease to be controlled with abortion and sterilization.

The adoring crowd greeted the disgraced former US president in a style usually reserved for rock stars. Torontonians are particularly known as an appreciative audience for the globalist ideas common to the jet-setting New Left internationalists that Bill Clinton so thoroughly embodies.

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