WASHINGTON, May 16, 2003 ( – IVF scientist Panos Zavos, who led a secretive team of scientists on a quest to clone humans has said that he has filmed the successful cloning of human.  While most scientists rejected as hoaxes the claims of the Raelian cloning operation “Clonaid” some expressed grave concern over Zavos and his group noting that he had the wherewithal to carry out his sinister plans.  Zavos, based in Lexington Kentucky, told reporters this week that he had created a cloned embryo using cells from a 45-year-old American woman.  Zavos said the experiment took place outside the U.S. but refused to name the country in which the clone was created.

He said the embryo created by cloning was frozen and would be screened for genetic defects prior to implantation into a woman.  “We’re going to make every attempt to scrutinise this embryo and be able to make a medical, scientific decision to say that its embryo is worth transferring,” he said.  Zavos told AFP that the filming was done by British documentary maker Peter Williams and is to be aired on the British network Channel Four at a future date.

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