Close call: Cher’s mom changed mind about aborting famous daughter while sitting in clinic

"I can remember the chairs were chrome [in the clinic], and I was sweating,” recounted Cher's mother.
Wed May 8, 2013 - 6:08 pm EST

May 8, 2013 ( – This past weekend during an appearance on a Lifetime show called Dear Mom, Love Cher, the famous singer’s mother confessed that she came within minutes of aborting her now-famous daughter.

Georgia Holt was 20 and recently separated from her husband when she found herself pregnant with Cher. She had moved back in with her own mother, who, when she found out that Georgia was expecting, gave her daughter an ultimatum: reunite with her husband or get an abortion. 

Holt at first opted for the abortion, to the point that she even went to the clinic for the scheduled abortion.


"I can remember the chairs were chrome [in the clinic], and I was sweating,” she recounted. “The sweat was just coming off of me on this chrome and when the door opened and it was my turn, I said, 'Mother, I can't do it.' So, that's how she's here." 

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Cher was born in 1946, before abortions were legalized by Roe v. Wade. After her birth, Georgia placed Cher temporarily in an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. 

Cher told USA Today: “I heard the abortion story when I was a teenager. The orphanage story has been a touchy one for my mom her whole life, and she didn't want to talk about it. I said, 'Mom, why didn't you just march in and take me?”

"She said, 'I didn't have the power. I didn't have any money or a job, and the church was so strong. I'd go see you every day and you'd be crying. You don't know what it was like.' It was harder for women then.”

But while Cher's life was narrowly saved from abortion, Cher has shown little interest in defending other unborn babies in the same predicament she was once in. Last year she tweeted that it would be an act of  "karma" if pro-life Rep. Todd Akin would "get raped by man with HIV/AIDS" after Akin said he was against abortion even in cases of rape.

She has also vociferously defended Planned Parenthood, the number one provider of abortion in America.


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