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(LifeSiteNews) — CNN’s president has resigned after failing to reveal a relationship with a colleague, as the fallout continues following anchor Chris Cuomo’s fall from grace. 

Jeff Zucker, CNN Worldwide president since January 2013, resigned Wednesday, pointing to a previously undisclosed relationship with a subordinate at the left-wing media company.

“As part of the investigation into Chris Cuomo’s tenure at CNN, I was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague, someone I have worked with for more than 20 years,” Zucker announced in a statement. “I acknowledged the relationship evolved in recent years. I was required to disclose it when it began but I didn’t. I was wrong. As a result, I am resigning today.”

Zucker’s unnamed colleague is Allison Gollust, the network’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Gollust will remain at CNN.

The pair worked together for over 25 years, meeting at NBC in the 1990s. Zucker, aged 56, separated from his wife in 2018 and divorced in 2019, while Gollust divorced from her husband in 2017. 

In a statement Gollust claimed that “our relationship changed during COVID. I regret that we didn’t disclose it at the right time.” However, the New York Post reported that “TV insiders” have long been calling them “the odd couple,” with an “NBC insider” telling the Post that their relationship  was common knowledge during the pair’s time at NBC.

Former CNN contributor Roland Martin also slated Gollust’s claim, calling it an “open secret at @CNN that Jeff Zucker and Allison Golust, who he hired as head of communications, were having an affair. I was only there with them for four months in 2013 and knew. NBC folks knew when they worked together there. @katiecouric intimated that in her book!”

Numerous details of the pair’s reputed long-term relationship have been extensively reported on. 

With many rejecting the claim that the affair developed recently, a number of reporters have pointed to details as yet unrevealed, including a possible link to the Cuomo brothers as the underlying reason for Zucker’s resignation. 

Donald Trump also weighed, calling Zucker a “world-class sleazebag,” and saying the CNN president had been “terminated for numerous reasons, but predominantly because CNN has lost its way with viewers and everybody else.” 

Zucker, Gollust and the Cuomos

The revelations concerning Zucker and Gollust came about as part of the Chris Cuomo investigation currently ongoing, as noted by Zucker. 

Zucker fired then-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo in December, after documents revealed that the news anchor had played “a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts” than the network was previously aware of. 

Chris’ elder brother Andrew Cuomo, New York governor since January 2011, resigned in August after prosecutors said he “sexually harassed multiple women and violated state law.” Andrew Cuomo now stands accused of sexual harassment by two more women, for a total of thirteen women, and has been accused of creating a culture of “fear and intimidation.”

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UPDATE (2/7/2022):

Since launching our petition in support of the Freedom Convoy truckers less than one week ago, we've managed to obtain more than 65,000 signatures from freedom-loving people in every corner of the world!

This is an excellent show of support for the international cause of freedom from intrusive medical mandates, but Canada's truckers still find themselves a foremost target of their government, at both the federal and, now, local levels.

In fact, Mayor Jim Watson has even instituted an entirely unnecessary and politically-motivated "state of emergency" in Ottawa simply due to the truckers' presence there.

So if you haven't already, please SIGN this important petition, which calls on Prime Minister Trudeau and his pro-mandate allies to acknowledge the medical autonomy of working people by reversing course in the federal strategy to combat Covid.

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Canadian truckers are fighting back against Justin Trudeau's Covid overreach and medical tyranny, and are giving people across the country -- and the world -- a new voice for freedom!

These truckers, like millions of other Canadians, have been subjected to unprecedented medical coercion, manipulation, and intimidation on behalf of Trudeau's liberal government, and, with their livelihoods on the line, they have risen to meet the moment by bringing their cause directly to Ottawa in the form of a massive Freedom Convoy!

But, unsurprisingly, they are still being met with resistance by extreme politicians who wish to exercise complete control over these truckers' -- and all Canadians' -- medical autonomy, which is why we're asking you to show your support for these brave, hardworking men and women by adding your name and your voice to their cause.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to back off these truckers, change course in his approach to Covid, and support the medical autonomy of the truckers and all working Canadians going forward.

Like millions of Canadian workers across the country, truckers are being required by Justin Trudeau's Liberal government to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, or face a 14-day quarantine period if and when they cross the border into the United States to make their deliveries.

These truckers were categorized as "essential workers" (which they most certainly are) during the worst days of the Covid crisis, when lockdowns were the universal norm and millions of people were forced out of their jobs and offices. Even so, they remained on the job through it all, ensuring that essentials were available to people in every corner of the country, even when some businesses were shut down and strict rules were in place that made something as simple as grocery shopping a challenge for millions.

In fact, Prime Minister Trudeau went out of his way to compliment these men and women back in March of 2020, tweeting the following:

While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren’t able to do that - like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked. So when you can, please #ThankATrucker for everything they’re doing and help them however you can.

In fact, But just yesterday, Trudeau went on the record at a press conference labeling these truckers everything from "racists" to "Nazis" in a simply stunning reversal from his earlier comments.

So why the sudden change in attitude from the Prime Minister?

Because, as it turns out, these truckers are refusing to sit idly by while their rights -- and the rights of millions of working Canadians -- remain under attack like never before, and they are standing up to Trudeau and challenging his government's radical medical tyranny head-on.

With their livelihoods on the line, these truckers decided it was time to take action.

This past weekend, the #FreedomConvoy led a 50-mile-long caravan of what's estimated to be thousands of truckers from across Canada to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where they staged a monumental demonstration to protest Trudeau's vaccination mandate.

In addition, truckers from across the United States (who are similarly fighting to preserve their own medical freedoms against a power-hungry federal government) also joined the Freedom Convoy to stand in solidarity with their neighbors to the north.

This massive, now-international movement to restore the individual rights of these truckers and all working people after nearly two years' worth of lockdowns, mandates, and vast government overreach and infringement is taking Ottawa -- and all of Canada -- by storm.

Look no further than the trucker's GoFundMe, which has raised $10 million in support of their cause -- more than what was raised by either of Canada's two major political parties during the last financial quarter of 2021.

The grassroots are clearly on their side (and the side of freedom), but even so, Trudeau remains unmoved...

He has dismissed the truckers and their supporters as a "small fringe," and has even accused the organizers of the Freedom Convoy and its participants of holding "unacceptable views."

But Justin Trudeau is wrong: These hardworking men and women are not racists or Nazis, and they are certainly not a fringe group -- they are patriotic, freedom-loving Canadians who refuse to stand down when being faced with egregious medical tyranny on the federal government's part, and who are using their constitutional right(s) to freedom of speech and expression to be a unified voice for millions of others faced with similar medical mandates.

And they need our support.

So please, take a few minutes now to SIGN and SHARE this important petition asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to reverse course by supporting these truckers (and all working Canadians) by abandoning intrusive, unconstitutional vaccination mandates for working people going forward.

This petition will be delivered, in person, to both Prime Minister Trudeau and the leaders of the Freedom Convoy.

Let's show Justin Trudeau, once and for all, that the desire to live and work freely is not just limited to a "small fringe," but rather the inherent right of ALL Canadians and their millions of backers from across the globe -- including YOU!

Thank you!


'Canada’s trucker convoy has shown the world it’s possible to push back against COVID tyranny':

**Photo Credit:  YouTube (screenshot)

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Numerous emails and text messages show that Chris Cuomo told one of his brother’s senior aides, “Please let me help with the prep,” and that he “pledged to contact other U.S. media outlets in order to try to learn of other allegations that were forthcoming,” the BBC said. 

Such communications directly contradicted what Chris Cuomo stated on CNN in August: “I never made calls to the press about my brother’s situation.” Chris Cuomo claimed after his firing that Zucker knew of his defense of Andrew Cuomo, with a spokesman telling the Wall Street Journal “there were no secrets about this, as other individuals besides Mr. Cuomo can attest.”

As LifeSiteNews noted at the time, Cuomo’s termination by the network marked a step change in procedure following CNN’s previous support of Cuomo’s glowing praise of his brother’s leadership, as well as its support of his advising his brother’s staff once sex abuse allegations emerged.

Gollust is also linked to the Cuomo family, having served as communications director for Andrew Cuomo for four months in 2012 and 2013 before moving on to CNN. 

As CNN’s ratings continue to drop, the network also continues to be embroiled in sex scandals. Days after Chris Cuomo was fired, one of his close colleagues, senior CNN producer John Griffin, was arrested for attempting to entice young girls to engage in illegal sexual activity, for which he could face at least 30 years in prison. Griffin was subsequently fired by the network, and CNN reported that Griffin had allegedly paid for and kept an online profile on a sexually explicit website for several years.