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February 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – CNN has a new euphemism for abortions that specifically target preborn girls: “sex-selection operations.”

In a January 30 report on India’s growing gender gap, the “most trusted name in news” talked about the country's 63 million “missing” girls.

“The preference for boys and the availability of sex-selective operations, although illegal in India, means there's a gender gap,” stated the report by Euan McKirdy.

But pro-life advocates told LifeSiteNews that the euphemism hides the reality that preborn girls are being eliminated by abortion on a massive scale simply because they are female, what amounts to “gendercide.” 

“Euphemisms hide reality,” said the American Orthodox Institute’s Fr. Johannes Jacobse. “Sex is not really being ‘selected.’ A boy or girl is being destroyed.” 

National Right to Life Committee President Carol Tobias told LifeSiteNews how abortion supporters  use euphemisms such as “choice” and “reproductive health” to avoid using the “A-word.”

“CNN, referring to ‘sex-selective operations’ instead of ‘sex-selective abortions’ employs that ruse, hoping people won’t really think about how baby girls are eliminated in India,” she said. 

Laura Klassen, director of Canada’s Choice 42, said that Abortion is so widely accepted “precisely because of slick euphemisms,” she said, adding that such phrases are “cleverly disguising” the horror that people are killing their pre-born children.

Human Life International (HLI) said that hiding the reality of abortion is a coordinated, global deception.

“‘Sex-selective operations' is a ridiculous phrase trying to mask the uncomfortable truth with vague terminology,” HLI Director of Public Relations Deborah M. Piroch said.  

“The pro-abortion UNFPA condemns (gendercide) but, in the same breath, calls gender-based abortion ‘sex selection’ and estimates well over 100 million girls are ‘missing’ (yet another euphemism for abortion)… They cannot bear to call a spade a spade.”

Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life told LifeSiteNews that doubletalk for abortion is on the rise among abortion supporters as medical science continues to demonstrate that life begins at conception.

“The vague rhetoric and trendy euphemisms used for abortion have reached an all-time high as abortion has become impossible to defend scientifically,” he said. “The media and the abortion industry deny science and create phrases to fit their radical and unnatural view of humanity.”

Life Issues Institute President Brad Mattes agreed.

“Pro-abortion media are adept at disguising the true nature of the matter at hand by using terminology like ‘sex-selective operations.’  To be clear, we’re talking about late-term abortions to kill a child simply because she is the wrong sex,” he said.  “‘Reproductive Justice’ is another en vogue pro-abortion phrase. Who would oppose justice? These artful but deadly phrases must be exposed as has been done with ‘pro-choice’ and ‘who decides.’“

President of Students for Life Kristan Hawkins said that using euphemisms helps the abortion industry stay in business.   

“The abortion industry has survived, in part, by talking about everything but the reality that they rip little bodies from their mother’s wombs,” Kristan Hawkins said. “Words like ‘choice,’ ‘medication,’ ‘procedure,’ ‘treatment’ are bandages covering a gaping social wound … the reality that lives are brutally ended in a process that the abortion industry is too cowardly to discuss openly.”

Silent No More Co-founder Georgette Forney told LifeSiteNews that euphemisms disappear in the light of the truth. 

“Every euphemism for abortion is a form of denial, which we use to protect ourselves from the truth,” Forney said.“I had to learn to say: ‘I didn’t just have an abortion. I aborted a baby. I aborted a human being.  I aborted my child.”