Editor’s note: LifeSiteNews does not normally report on US military actions or the politics surrounding Israel. We do not have policies on these often prudential issues about which many Americans have legitimate concerns but which are also not directly related to our focus on life, family, and culture. However, the purpose of this special series is to further reveal the extremist ideology of the people Barack Obama has chosen to surround himself with. Their ideologies, revealed through ideological exploitation of legitimate anti-war and other views held by many Americans, are diametrically opposed to America’s traditional life and family principles. Ben Johnson gathered this information in late 2009 but shares it for the first time now.


CHICAGO, November 1, 2012, ( – “To really understand the Obama phenomenon, you should know Buffy Wicks,” the get-out-the-vote leader for the Obama 2012 campaign. 

The person who said this was not Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, but Cynthia Boaz, a political science professor and mentor to Ms. Wicks.

Boaz is listed as a “coordinator” with the radical group Code Pink, an organization that delivered $650,000 of cash and supplies to “the other side” in Fallujah in 2004. Its leaders, who regularly interrupt Congressional hearings, have shown solidarity with Iraqi politicians who support killing Americans, as well as Marxist dictators Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. On October 7, the Pakistani military prevented the group from staging an anti-American protest in Waziristan

Boaz wrote that Wicks is “the epitome of progressive,” and “[j]ust the kind of people that progressives would – I imagine – like to see in positions of authority.”

“The term progressive,” Boaz has said, “means to proceed in stages” toward “revolutionary change.” Capitalism, she warned, is “dehumanizing…a very oppressive system” that “puts our souls in peril.”

Boaz mentored Wicks through UNESCO’s graduate program in Peace Studies that immersed Buffy in Marxism, feminism, and the radical views of Frantz Fanon. From there, Wicks went on to organize anti-American rallies in San Francisco alongside Boaz’s extremist comrades, then to head up the 2008 Obama campaign in the western states before being appointed to a post in the Obama administration, reporting to the president’s closest adviser.


While in the White House, she would hold meetings with Code Pink’s leadership.

Wicks met Boaz while taking the two-year program for an International Master in Peace, Conflict, and Development Studies (PEACE Master) of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Castellón, Spain, under the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace.

There is no indication that Wicks submitted a thesis, and she does not claim to have earned a Master’s degree. However, the program’s website lists Wicks as a student for all of 2000-2001, then again in the spring of 2002Class pictures show that Wicks was present. 

The program’s Course Catalog, which is available online, shows it is a breeding ground for radicalism, anti-Americanism, and disregard for the unborn.

Boaz, assigned her students readings from Noam Chomsky, William Greider’s One World Ready or Not, and socialist historian Howard Zinn.

Another assigned reading berated private property rights and those “who so vocally claimed to follow the precepts of Christianity and the ‘Prince of Peace’” as “among the most rapacious and worst offenders against the well-being and rights of others.” 

Wicks was also asked to read papers from Population Action, one of which lamented that under President George W. Bush’s ”global gag rule” the “International Planned Parenthood Federation and Ipas have lost millions of dollars in family planning assistance.”  (The program offers an entire class on “Population, Reproductive Health and Development” to help students “better understand the role of population and reproductive health in promoting development.”) 

Boaz’s course was of-a-piece with all of Wicks’ education.

The “Gender and International Relations” class began by teaching students “Radical/Difference Feminism, Marxist Feminism, Ecofeminism, Liberal/Equality Feminism, Postmodern Feminism, and Critizism [sic] on White Feminism.”

Instructor Annette Weber taught that “structural and cultural violence” is “imbedded in various systems and relations in societies” that feature any “power imbalance.” Hence, a white woman is oppressed, but she unwittingly oppresses black men.

The same idea was expressed by the Third World Center at Princeton University, which Michelle Obama would later join, when it stated, “The bottom line is that white students on this campus are racist, but they may not realize it.” 

Weber required students to read Frantz Fanon, who was active in the French Communist Party before joining the Algerian revolution in the 1950s.

Fanon celebrated “planetary terrorism,” according to ex-Marxist French philosopher Andre Glucksmann. Another Marxist summarized, “Fanon presents an argument for revolutionary terror, based on a pragmatic assessment of the violence of the oppressed” – that terrorism is justified, because colonialism is a form of violence. 

Barack Obama revealed in his autobiography Dreams from my Father, that in college he and his friends discussed “neocolonialism, Franz [sic] Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.” 

Other of Weber’s required texts include Henry Louis Gates, Cornel West, and bell hooks. [sic]

Another course – “Conflict Analysis and Management: Silence & Patience/Talk & Action” taught by Mary E. Farrell instructed students about “institutional forms of quiet violence.” Likewise UJI’s class on “The Sociology of Poverty” teaches that “poverty is the result of structural violence.”

“The violence that characterizes capitalist patriarchal man-woman relations worldwide will be abolished” with “the respect of the autonomy of women’s bodies, their productive capacity to maintain life through work, their sexuality, and procreation,” Maria Mies wrote in a required text for the program’s “Gender and Peace” course.  “[A]ny state control over women’s fertility has to be rejected.”

Mies’ Utopia would also force all citizens to engage in “free work for the community,” so they can see “work as both a burden and enjoyment.”

The program’s course on Utopias focused “on socialism in the 19th century” with “political thinkers like [Claude Henri de] Saint-Simon, [Charles] F[o]urier, [Robert] Owen and [Karl] Marx. Later, in the 20th century, the works of Lenin and Trotsky will be referred to.” It also gave students a chance “to create their own Utopian societies in the form of group work.”

The UNESCO-affiliated program also offered a course on “world citizenship.” 

After leaving the program, Wicks would travel to San Francisco to stage manage rallies run by the an interlocking group of Marxists that includes Medea Benjamin, a Code Pink co-founder. Cynthia Boaz lists Benjamin as a reference on her curriculum vitae

According to her campaign biography, Wicks also co-founded Hoi-Polloi, “a people’s organization created by a small group of conscientious thinkers striving for world peace.”

After the Obama campaign named Wicks to head operations in the western United States, a local Spanish magazine doted on the UJI alumna. The reporter interviewed Boaz, who credited Buffy with changing “the electoral strategy from the simple pursuit of votes into the creation of a social movement.” 

After the election, Wicks joined the Obama administration as part of the Office of Public Engagement (OPE), headed by Obama’s alter ego, Valerie Jarrett

OPE in general, and Jarrett in particular, became the leading conduit of radicals into the White House.

White House visitor logs reveal that Code Pink leader Jodie Evans – who bundled at least $50,000 for Barack Obama in 2008 – had a one-on-one meeting with Wicks on June 19, 2009. The group had just visited with Hamas, which gave the organization a letter to present to President Obama

Records show that Evans visited again on June 24.

A few months later, Evans wrote that an OPE employee named “Jayne” responded to the group’s e-mail harassment by promising to “keep our lines of communication open” so it can be “more productive,” and said “next time she will consult with [Code Pink] to make our communications work better.” 

Wicks now oversees all get-out-the-vote efforts for the president’s re-election.

Boaz and Wicks crossed virtual paths on September 12, when Boaz tweeted Wicks to ask, “How are you not following me @BuffyWicks?!” She added, “@BuffyWicks I love seeing your name everywhere!” Buffy responded, “@cynthiaboaz I have no idea!! I’m following you now!”   

All Americans would be well advised to follow Boaz and Wicks, and what their connection says about the direction the Obama administration would take America in a second term.

This is the second article in a series of articles about national Obama campaign leader and former White House appointee Buffy Wicks. Read part one here. Return to later for more on the depths of her political radicalism.

Ben Johnson is U.S. Bureau Chief of The author of three books, Ben was Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine 2003-10. He is also a regular on the AFR Talk network’s “Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham.” His personal website is, where this article is cross-posted.