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(LifeSiteNews) — According to an assessment by retired U.S. Col. Douglas Macgregor, the neoconservatives in the Biden administration have caused “horrific” damage in Ukraine, strengthened the Russian military beyond the might of the U.S., are endangering the world with a potential nuclear exchange, and have fostered “the destruction of our whole [American] republic.”

“What we’ve done has backfired,” the decorated combat veteran told Tucker Carlson regarding the U.S. proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

On Monday evening, Carlson introduced a new episode of Tucker on Twitter highlighting that “pretty much everything” the mainstream media has reported “about the war in Ukraine is a lie.” This includes reports suggesting that the Russian military is weak and losing the war to Ukraine, which is a “democracy.”

“None of that is true. Every claim is false,” he continued. “The Ukrainian army is not winning. In fact, it’s losing badly. Ukraine is being destroyed. Its population is being slaughtered in lopsided battles with a technologically superior enemy or scattered by the millions to the rest of the globe as refugees. Ukraine is running out of soldiers.”

He thus concluded that the U.S. military is going to be pressed to intervene and fight Russia directly in Eastern Europe, a war that Macgregor says the U.S. does not have the capacity to win.

‘Ukrainian forces are being swept away in front of the Russians’

Describing the current state of the Ukraine war, the military scholar and author reported that the “lies that have been told” over the last 18 months by the government and media are “collapsing because what’s happening on the battlefield is horrific.” This likely involves “400,000 Ukrainian men killed in battle,” including “at least 40,000 killed” in the “supposed counteroffensive which was supposed to sweep the battlefield.”

Without being able to identify how many men were wounded, Macgregor did estimate with some level of certainty that “40 to 50 thousand soldiers are amputees.”

Additionally, Ukrainian soldiers at the platoon level are “surrendering to the Russians, not because they don’t want to fight [but] because they can’t fight anymore” due to the high levels of wounded. And “Russians from the very beginning have always treated the Ukrainian soldiers very fairly and very gently,” he said. “So they know they’re not going to be abused or mistreated.”

Though he admitted Russian casualty numbers were more difficult to arrive at, the retired colonel estimated “40 to 50 thousand killed, [and] maybe another 40 to 50 thousand wounded.” Noting the significant 1-to-8 ratio, Carlson called it “grotesque.”

Western intervention would mean ‘devastating’ consequences for US and NATO ‘because we are not ready to fight the Russians’

“Rather than admit that this is a terrible tragedy that should be ended on humanitarian grounds if no other … we’re going to continue,” he said. “And this puts the Russians in the unhappy position of marching further west,” even eventually to the border with Poland.

Macgregor went on to explain that “[President Vladimir] Putin and his advisers were never interested in a war with NATO or the United States. That’s why you’ve had such incrementalism, this slow grind of movement forward, defensive operations for a long period to build up the force, and then continued offensive operations.”

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The army colonel who wrote his doctoral dissertation on a topic related to the Russian military explained that Putin has anticipated the possibility that the U.S. and NATO will intervene in western Ukraine.

If this happens, “the Russians will be ready,” Macgregor said. “And the consequences for us and for NATO will be devastating because we are not ready to fight the Russians” due to what he characterized as a “steady, uninterrupted decline in the discipline that makes soldiers fight.”

Also, policies of “dividing the force on racial grounds” and promoting individuals “who are clearly unqualified” based on criteria which have nothing to do with competence and character, “are demoralizing [and] destructive to military establishments.” They undermine cohesion that “are just cracks at the moment [but] will become giant fissures if you go to war.”

Furthermore, Macgregor opined “that in terms of morale and discipline, we are close to where we were in the late 70s” having “lost a sense of what’s right.” And “since 2001, most of the fighting has been on a very small scale against a fleeting enemy.” The current U.S. military is not “accustomed to fighting anybody who can fight back.”

‘The smartest thing that we could do is end this war’

Moreover, the former tank war commander who was awarded a bronze star for his valor under fire in the first Iraq war also spoke in detail about how American tanks are dated and thus very vulnerable to modern weaponry. The engines run so hot they can be easily tracked by satellites. “So if you think you’re going to hide or conceal yourself or outpace somebody, you’re just a glowing target from space.”

In modern warfare, a military’s “only limitation” on their ability “to target and destroy the enemy is ammunition,” and “the Russians have no shortage whatsoever” with several factories pumping them out at very high volumes. By contrast, the U.S. has “no surge capacity” to keep up with such manufacturing requirements.

Macgregor clarified that “the world has changed [and] warfare has changed. Integrated air defenses will knock virtually everything that flies out of the sky,” and then he and many others worry the U.S. and NATO “will then fall back on a nuclear deterrent” that could lead to rapid catastrophic escalation.

“So we’re living in a terrible dilemma right now. The smartest thing that we could do is end this war,” he said.

Neocons are ‘like the Bolsheviks’ and ‘have a permanent ax to grind with the Russians’

In response to a question from Carlson, the former army colonel described Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland as “a long-term committed neocon” like her husband Robert Kagan and brother-in-law Fred Kagan, the last of whom Macgregor said he knew personally. “Wherever she goes, usually there is conflict, crisis and fighting. And she’s a strong proponent of fighting to the last Ukrainian.”

According to retired congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, the neoconservatives are ideological heirs of early Bolshevik terrorist Leon Trotsky in believing in “permanent revolution, violent as well as intellectual,” in advancing an American Empire through “hard politics” and that “lying is necessary for the state to survive.” They also support aggressive “imperialism” to enforce a “progressive” (i.e. LGBTQ) agenda on other nations and “using American might to force” the implementation of these objectives.

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Elsewhere, Macgregor said the neocons “remind me very much of the Bolsheviks” who violently toppled the Czar in Russia to establish the Soviet Union in 1917. “They were unyielding, uncompromising. And that’s what we have in Washington. These people are completely uncompromising.”

Included in this same group of neocons in the administration is Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. The retired colonel went on to tell Carlson that “Russia has special appeal [to neocons] because I think these people have ancestors who came from that region of the world and have a permanent ax to grind with the Russians.”

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Most Americans, Macgregor believes, don’t share such animosity against Russia, and he suggested it is unethical for any such group of people to seize power and then “shape policy based on whatever unhappiness their ancestors experienced in a place like Russia.”

US policymakers have to ‘understand what we’ve done has backfired,’ Russia preparing to fight NATO

While Sullivan will continually propose that “the Russians are weak” and “all we have to do is to keep up the pressure and they will collapse,” Macgregor said, “that’s been a hell of a strategy. And it’s killed large numbers of people and created millions of refugees and destroyed the country, but it hasn’t hurt Russia.” Today, Russia “is stronger than it has been in 30 or 40 years. You have a Russian military establishment that is now more potent and more capable than the Russian military was in the mid 1980s.”

Additionally, due to the U.S. government’s “intransigence” and “demonstrated hatred and hostility for Moscow and for Russia,” the Russian people as well as the leadership has become convinced “that they are going to have to fight us, and anyone who is allied with us. So they’re preparing for that eventuality.”

With up to 750,000 Russian troops in and around Ukraine right now, and that number expected to rise to 1.2 million over the next year, Macgregor said “it’s so important that we have to wake up [and] understand what we’ve done has backfired. Whatever we set out to achieve has failed. What we need to do now is stop this and come to a settlement” before this situation ends up “out of control.”

“Eventually, [if] you keep this up, within the next six [or] eight months, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the Polish border. That is not what we set out to achieve,” he said.

Zelensky ‘a comedian’ often playing a ‘transvestite,’ blessed by Nuland and US State Dept

Asked about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Macgregor described him as “a comedian who made a living acting on stage and frequently pretending to be a transvestite, doing things with various body parts that I won’t go into.” Being supported by billionaire oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky — who the colonel said was likely most responsible for funding the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion — and being “blessed by Victoria Nuland and the State Department as their man,” Zelensky originally ran for office on a platform of making peace with Russia and was swept into office with a large majority.

“Of course, once he was in there, he took a different road. And I can’t help but think that that road was defined for him by [the US government],” Macgregor said.

Reports in June revealed that in April 2022 the Ukrainians and Russians arrived at a peace deal, and in an apparent response, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a dramatic visit to Kiev after which the Zelensky regime scrapped the peace agreement and embraced rather a full-scale plan for war against their neighboring giant.

Now, Macgregor believes “more and more Ukrainians just want to survive” this conflict while “Zelensky and the radicals around him are basically committed to fighting this war to the last Ukrainian.” And, in addition, the colonel states, “I’m sure that Mr. Zelensky and his friends are anxious at some point to retire to their estates in Florida or Venice or Cyprus to collect on the billions that they’ve managed to steal or siphon from all the aid that we’ve provided. Remember, Ukraine is probably one of the most corrupt places in the world.”

Ukraine’s transvestite spokesman contrasted with Putin’s work to restore ‘Russia as an Orthodox Christian state’

Carlson later showed a video clip of the Ukraine military’s new spokesman whom he described as “an American guy, leftist, dressed up like a woman who’s now wearing a Ukrainian army uniform and talking about killing Putin.”

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In response to the clip, Carlson said “there is something so perfect about that,” proposing that the video of this “guy with fake breasts” represented “the convergence of every ugly anti-human trend in modern life.”

Macgregor said that in contrast, Russia is very different than it was under the Soviet Union, arguing that Putin has been working to restore “Russia as an Orthodox Christian state with a true national identity and a strong national culture.”

“That’s probably another reason why so many people want to destroy Russia, because it’s the last European state that has not been flooded with foreigners and turned into some sort of polyglot experiment which is failing badly,” he said.

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While Putin tried every means possible to avoid a military confrontation in this crisis after the U.S.-backed coup d’état of the Ukrainian government in 2014, including the assurance of equal rights before the law for Russians, Ukrainian neutrality, and the end to the Kiev government’s war against ethnic Russian eastern provinces, Macgregor says those goals have now naturally changed.

Moscow’s objectives have changed and this war could ‘reach us here in the United States’

Whatever is left of Ukraine will have to remain neutral, and not a member of NATO. “The Russians will never tolerate NATO forces on Ukrainian soil because [the U.S. has] demonstrated conclusively that we are fundamentally hostile to Russia.”

For example, the colonel mentioned the Kremlin’s natural fears that NATO missiles could be stationed in eastern Ukraine, putting them “a couple minutes away from all of Russia’s cities and all of Russia’s nuclear deterrent,” which was completely intolerable.

He finally believes that Moscow will have to establish some means by which they have a say in who governs the new “rump Ukraine” in order to “ensure that behind the scenes they are not once again subjected to the treatment that we subjected them to in the Minsk Accords” (more here).

Lastly, Macgregor provided a stark warning that because the U.S. doesn’t have “very good air defenses” since “we haven’t fought anybody that compelled us to defend ourselves from missile and air attack,” the American homeland is significantly vulnerable to modern weaponry.

“In other words, if you press this war with Russia in Central East Europe, it will reach us here in the United States,” he said. And “people aren’t thinking about that.”


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